Maryland – Aug 6 2020. If you need food, shelter, medical reach out to the County you live in.

Where are we – About 6 months into the pandemic, Based on the history 2009/10 from gnome sequence to approved vaccine March to January does give us hope.

The Maryland metrics – Over 1 million tests completed. Free testing centers are available to see your county health dept for info. The positive rate is just under 5%. There are zip codes with 20% rates in MD.

Based on curves we see the first hit on left then stability an now a 5 day uptick. The positive rate at firs twas high only those with symptoms and Dr note. Now open testing stable at a 5% rete.

OFFENSE – Contact Trace is now handled by health Dept

15 minute rule is best indoors in an out

MD PLAN is online at this link. Scroll down to the bottom and select the type of business you have. Summary: Signs, Cover, Clean, Temp check, do not come if sick. Limit % of capacity.

This Course on contact Tracing is Free and 5 hours


The Maryland Strong Roadmap to Recovery is divided into three stages:
a. Low Risk
b. Medium Risk
c. High Risk

Link to MD Strong Plan

LIMIT CONTACT STAY SAFE- AGE 60/High RISK BMI>30, COPD, Asthma, Heart, Diabetes, Sickle Cell

Native American, Black and Hispanic have a 4 to 5 time higher chance of catching covid. (CDC)


HOPE – Treatments Studies

2200 + Clinical studies and trials have started – 10% completed

HOPKINS LINK look for the Treatments. This link is comprehensive.


Genomic tracking of the mutation. Genomic epidemiology of novel coronavirus ( CoV-19) Independent Johns Hopkins Link JHU MAP