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3 GUN anyone? Long Range

Now take the handgun skills and add multi-gun or 3 Gun. Shotgun and Rifle. More complex. Click the photo and check out the video. York IWLA 67 is Host. THURMONT now has 3 GUN.


Budget in mind the Stoeger M3000 can be a go to Shotgun for 3 Gun. Typical mods and tips to make a running machine.

Reading glasses > Safety Glasses

Elvex via Rocklandsdirect, A wrap around ANSI and Mil Spec Safety glasses with .5, 1.0. 1.5 or 2.0. For Handgun sights used 1.0 for reading 2.0. 1.0 gives good view to 100 yards

RUN DRY Boron Grease for AR, SG, HG

Synthetic grease with Boron and Dupont Teflon. Yes off label use. Works well, not moly messy. Saltwater Safe. Sure all kinds of lubes for firearms. Their degreasers are fast. Fast turnaround cleaning.

Thurmont 3 Gun Sep 2017 Video

Thurmont Sportsmen's and Conservation Club now has 3 Gun. This month had 300 yard rifle and the swinging paddle target. Montage of fast shooters.

HI-POINT 9 MM 3rd Generation

The HI-Point 9mm Comp was my first handgun I used in competition. Jammed so much I was very good at phase 3 malfunctions. Working with the company the 3rd generation runs 100%.


My mod for Mossberg Pump 500 will allow the use of Aquila Mini Shells. More ammo in tube, a bit less horsepower. My tests show the SLUGS are a bit wide in accuracy, but if the Zombies strike more ammo is better.

Medical Cannabis = Give up Rights

23 States have a medical cannabis program. If you sign up, by FEDERAL LAW your will not be allowed to Possess, Purchase, Rent, Borrow a Firearm and Not allowed to buy or handle ammunition.