Video Analysis

Tips for good video Analysis:

1- Be midway down a run. Full view top to bottom.
2- Have subject make turns heading down the fall line. Half width of Nastar turns
3 – Keep camera steady. do not move the camera, keep the person in the view
4-  As the person goes by be at least 20 feet away, you now move camera panning
as the person goes by 180 degrees.
5- do the same  2-3 as they have your back to the camera.

This will capture a frontal, side (upright, stance etc) and back.

Convert to AVI format: .mov (apple) format convert to AVI.   MP4Cam2AVI  MPEG4/MJPEG to .AVI converterFree

Frame sequencer for AVI
you can walk frame by frame or capture each frame to a jpeg picture.
virtualdub Free

You Tube Video of correct subject to camera frame placement. GOOD Camera position and panning for ski/snowboard analysis

BAD CAMERA position / panning

Pictures of sequence GOOD: The sequence has 30 pictures per second on average. This is a small selection of what is produced.



BAD was still able to pull information. The frame by frame stops all the jitter and bouncing.