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  Disclaimer- Warning: before any physical exercise you should check with a health professional. Get your Physical, EKG, Blood Work, Cholesterol, Chest x-ray, and go over family history.  I am not a health professional, nor fitness expert, just an average joe

Let’s talk reality.  The stats cannot be faked. The chances of death rise at 50. Then heart attack chance goes up 6% plus depending on many things. Heart conditions were not on the front line of medicine  until President Eisenhower, had a  Heart Attack. Since then the open heart bypass, pharmaceuticals, stents, Cath lab, transplants, valves, and pumps have been invented.

What can you do?
– Before 50 get baselines.
Talk to relatives and get a good history of issues.
Know your Total Cholesterol, HDL, LDL
      Blood Pressure  (57 million do not know their blood pressure)
      Height, Weight, Waist measurement
      Fasting  Sugar, A1C      Vitamin D  all part of metabolic testing.

Heart Attack Risk Assessment Test – 


You can increase your range of motion by as much as 20-30 percent at any age.

*Increased range of movement *Reduced risk of injury *Reduced muscle soreness after exercise.

 Goal of exercise is longer healthy life. Or 14 years starting at retirement (SSA payout of principle/interest)

Sports Pros spend a lot of time on many forms of exercise. From Stretching, Yoga, Balance, Core, and Aerobics.   An Average pro spends 250 + days training. (Same as us at a regular job)  What Goal Drives This – Competition. (Pro is driven by $$ too). Many pros post their specific sport workouts on facebook,  their own site, and facebook.  Ted Ligety has some good workouts   Lindsey Vonn

Amature competitive sports will take your game higher just by osmosis.  Compete against yourself, learn what are your weakness areas, Pick drills to reinforce.  No secrets no tricks just the basics. See the Racing tab. Once you can ski the Blues and have your own gear Our minimum racing package includes ($184 till Nov 5th Lift, and 10$ each race night ).   Training in the evening is essential to have room and now crowd.

          – Video and analysis   – Coaching, Drills, training plan, Vids, tuning workshop  – Racing – 4 to 6 evenings

           Time on Snow –  Training – Skidome Night club card will give you unlimited  Jan 3, 2016 – Season end.

            Monday – SAT 4 – 10 pm.   Sunday 3-10pm. (Liberty, Roundtop, Whitetail) Racing at Roundtop Mountain Resort. Friday Nights.

 A video series for GS Racing exercise plan  part1 part2

Check your nutrition this site is great. http://nutritiondata.self.com


Yoga Basics  It is great to learn balance, stretch your body, and create energy


Stretch your major muscle groups – MayoClinic.com

stretching.name (skiing)

stretching.name (snowboard)

Plyometrics, Agility, Balance

Leg Plyometric Exercises

Balance Testing

Proprioceptive (Balance) exercises training program

50 Ladder Drills for quick feet



Advanced Exercise Ball Workout

Weight Lifting

Weight Training, Exercise Instruction & Kinesiology

TEST Yourself

The Sport Fitness Tests List