Rose’s Snack

Rose, my mom is one big supporter of our US Olympic Winter Team.  She especially likes the aerials. Pretty cool mom at 83 years old.

What is nice, Rose has developed a quick snack, easy to carry, does not need a lot of water to consume the snack, easy to make and carry and each box is about 120 calories.

Save money and time. Quick boost to get a person through the stomach yelling for FOOD.


Anyone who frequents the lodge at 12 Noon, usually finds out everybody goes to lunch at the same time causing longer waits for food lines and for table access.

At 1 pm the main lift tends to be crowded.


Dried Fruit Mix Recipe

raisins box Nutrition

1 box serving raisins

Take 1 – 6 pack of boxed raisins.

Raisins go anywhere, are always ready to eat, won’t spoil, don’t require refrigeration, and are 100% natural.

Dump raisins into a big bowl.

Add 1 package of mixed dried fruit (cherry, blueberry, etc)

mix it up in the bowl. Repackage into the raisins boxes.

This Snack can be enhanced by whatever you like. Cut dried apricots, banana, nuts….

Very easy to consume on a lift, dried but not sticky, still has plenty of moisture without a drink.

Avg 120 calories per box. (depending on fruit mix)

Benefits: Fruit and fiber. Electrolytes, carbs     

APPLE Slices–  Great snack Put in RED colored over bag to keep from browning.