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Anything can happen, anytime, anyplace. There are ways to fall and ways to avoid injury. Try and stretch and remain flexible, take it easy the first day out. Know when to stop due to fatigue. By all means be careful in parking lots.

Approved protection devices, aka Helmets, knee pad, wrist guards, back pads are smart investments. We say in racing, if your not falling your not improving.


happen with or without a helmet. Take the time to learn what to do and not to do.

1- do not take Motrin, aspirin, naproxen etc. Only Tylenol

2- take a SCAT 2 test baseline beforehand   Concussion Test Take a baseline

3- take a CDC free 30 min course on head injury and concussion.

What supplements may help in concussion: Creatine beforehand , Omega 3  (EPA, DHA) Vitamin C, E, D  read the article.

  • One thing if you do get hurt at the mountain, there is a team of folks called the Ski Patrol to lend a hand.
  • A hot bath in Epsom salts can do wonders for your general aches and pains.
  • A mix of creatine and glutamine in juice can do wonders for muscle recovery.
  • risk avoidance

Good Site for Video Instruction – Taping, Pressure/trigger points, Muscle diagrams

ATxAvideos    Low Back Strain Worksheet

I had a really good fall Feb 2011. In the race course near apex of turn, top of a knoll. Mid way through moving 30 to 35 mph. I took the fall I was going to fall anyway. Both bindings released. I was on the tails of the ski and that is a no no. As I went  down outside leg, thigh in back and butt hit the ICE first then the left shoulder. Then slid to a stop. gear was about 25 feet up the hill.   that is a 2 G turn x body weight = 500 lbs  not to mention the drop of terrain as I flew.

Phases of Healing:

> 1- 72 hours of inflammation  – Motrin & ice

 Next day felt muscles spasms all over lower back. Lasted until Friday.

>72 hours to 6 weeks, collagen and fiber  repairing –  Heat Soak, Hot water bottle, yoga

Left thigh Bruise, Muscle contusion. (10 days), left shoulder(Labum, 3 months) , muscle strain, lower back Illiolumbar, and Erector Spinea spasm, strain. (5 days)

After 4 months totally healed.

Spotlight on Common Aches & Pains:

The usual advice Hydrate, Rest, Ice, NSAIDs.   Ice and Motrin keep the inflammation down.

If severe (very hard to move or very painful) – go to a doctor, Chiropractor

Some injuries can be helped with an injection of steroids or a pack of oral steroids.

I have had injections before and they work if it is inflammation. Same for oral steroids.

Deep Massage and trigger points pressure can help.

Ultrasound can help.

TENS, EMS and Micro current can help heal faster.

Electrotherapy on the Web – TENS, EMS, Micro Current

lliolmbar ligament:

I tend to jack this ligament up every year. lliolmbar ligament it is in your lower back.  It makes it painful to straighten up or rotate your leg.

Piriformis Muscle:

In the article the Sciatic Nerve is shown under the muscle. In 13% of the population some or all of the sciatic nerve is impinged in the middle of the muscle. Piriformis Syndrome |

Stretching is the key.

iliopsoas :

psoas major, psoas minor, iliacus  AKA Hip Flexor

The iliopsoas is a very strong muscle group that lifts the knee up. It starts at the lower back and inserts into the thigh bone (femur). There are basic tests for this and appears pressing the trigger points will help.

Hip Flexor Exercises | Hip Flexor Workouts

Erector Spinea muscle group: (the opposite of the Hip Flexor)

  athletestreatingathletes lumbar-strain

pain above buttocks. as the picture has outlined. Notice the muscle group covers the illiolumbar ligament . Hardly bend or become upright. It is painful.
Here is how to treat. Motrin – 800 mg x 3 a day. Naprosyn 440 mg per 12hrs
Tape the back,

Use Weight lifting soft 4 inch belt to stabilize or a Mueller Back Support.
NO HEAT!! ICE every 20 mins on 30 mins off For 3 days. Add BioFreeze

Add trigger point pressure , tennis ball, towel rolled up and massage.

Then Heat or Hot Epsom Salt bath. Add Stretching.

ILICOSTALIS LUMBORUM is the orange muscle .

Compression Bandage Techniques:

General Injury Information / SPORTS  MEDICINE

The Virtual Sports Injury Clinic –

Spine Colorado – Good Exercise Library



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