SkilI Development 2-6yr

 Skill 2 to 6 years of age-chadoct15climb

Play time is the best way to prepare a child with skills for skiing. Use the Motor Skills Guide for ideas.  The basic motor control starts at the child’s core body and then moves over time to incorporate the legs and arms all the way to toes and fingers.

Playground offers: Climbing skill, Slide (movement down a hill), Swings ( like lift ride), Balance beams.

Standing on one leg, hopscotch, kicking a ball, Jumping down, up or over. Bunny Hop, Camel walk, Bear walk, Crab Walk…..

Check into programs like soccer shots ( They come to your child’s daycare to teach. At 10$ a week seems that the kids do learn at 2.5 years of age.

Basic Gymnastics:

Safety Rolls Preschool Tumbling   Helps with falling.  We were taught this in gym class in 1st grade.

Forward Roll Instruction for kids