Snowboard for beginners: FALLING HOW TO 

We all have to start somewhere. I have a few friends that will be learning snowboarding this year.

Truth it takes three outings to make a difference. Learning the movements and to transfer to muscle memory takes time.


First time to level 4. What is a LEVEL?   Level is described by 3 movements that should be attained to moving to the next level up.snowboard

L E V E L 1 First time boarding experience.  Learning trail

L E V E L 2 You can perform a skidded traverse on both heel-side and toe-side edges and can stop.  Learning trail

L E V E L 3 You can perform skidded traverses in both directions with confidence and can make basic turns in both directions. Green trail

L E V E L 4 You can turn in both directions with speed control and are working on linking turns. Blue trail intermediate.

GREAT GUIDE FOR BEGINNERS  110 pages but well worth the look. Designed for coaches but a great guide for all to have.

Basics are the foundation of success.

VIDEO –   30 mins worth – the basics Body movements  and Toe and Heel-side turns.

from –

falllinetraverse  Ep1 Ep2 Ep3



Why Lessons? – Learn terms, basic movements, and get feedback.

beginner package available from open until Dec 24 2016. 49$ Lift lesson rental

Package is available on Thursday in JANUARY 2017.

After the Beginner lesson, –  the passport deal for $45 may be worth the upgrade. Free next visit and 40% off thereafter.

Don’t forget about the 4th and 5th-grade programs. saves money!