Racing Beginners Tips


1- Introduction to Racing a great guide to give you the basics   “READING”

2-Risk Reduction  “READING”

3- Basic Inspection / Tactics

4- Ron Lemaster Slides & Summary

 #3   Beginning Race Tactics  Giant Slalom

        Course inspection

        Looking for Amplitude, Frequency

Picture Above basics of physics, below a photo of NASTAR Course at Roundtop.

Course inspection before 12 noon, and then above the course using the lift.

This picture shows the elements: Frequency, Amplitude,  Don’t be late. late into the gate (flag) will make you logarithmically later

in the rest of the turns. There are a few things to recover, but it will take a minimum of 2 gates to execute.

“READING” More advanced course inspection list

SUMMARY From Ron Lemaster

  • •Most turns: apex is above the gate.

  • •Too straight a line leads to skidding and braking.

  • •Quick transition helps you turn earlier.  Retraction helps shorten your transition.

  • •You need to select the line that matches the terrain, the course set, and your abilities.  When in doubt, see 1st bullet.

  • •If you are low & late, it’s better to pivot and skid or ski a rounder line above the next gate or two than to skid and brake below the current gate.

    A complete Slide Deck from Ron LeMaster 34 slides will explain in more depth.

    What is so cool about Ron’s work are the photos.

    Here is Ron’s latest 111 slides.