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ZARDOZ FLUORO, It’s NEW & we helped test it over 2 years.  Click for the  PDF test report.


Fluoro , Hot Melt or Rub on. Works great with/without Notwax.  Tested temp range 10 degrees to 60 F, Humidity 20 to 100%, all snow types.  Easy to apply, 10 sets of skis or 10 Boards with 2 oz.


HEY ZARDO ……. Can you wipe me?

Well I hear the call every once and a while, from a slow mover on the slopes. Once I give them a wipe of ZARDOZ NOTWAX to try, Off they go. An hour later they have a big grin from ear to ear. Another happy test subject.


My Background: 15 years skiing. 47 years old  100 hours slope time each year(30) days. Top 3 in Maryland NASTAR

GOLD in NASTAR (20 HC).  I race each weekend weather permitting.  I have been using and testing NOTWAX since 1999. 12 years later it is still the best product for the money.

ZARDOZ: When I first tried the product by accident

Last week my Race Coach “Bonnie” gave me a ZARDOZ NotWAX kit. I read the marketing info and hit the internet to look up Krytox and to look at the ZARDOZ site.

Well Bonnie and I figured that yesterday (march 17, 1999) would be a good day to give NotWAX a try.

I used the Felix process on both my K2 TRC, and her Volki P30’s shaped. We both noticed the easy glide in the wet stuff. It was 65 degrees very wet crud snow which would take a lot of work due to the suction created.  NotWax gave us double the speed.  With the speed came less work in the crud, We floated on the top.  At the bottom of the first run we both smiled and said “This stuff really works”

NEW TESTS 1999-2000

Race test – I will be racing all year with ZARDOZ NOTWAX

HERE IS THE LATEST FELIX PROCESS FOR THE EAST COAST   TEMPS RANGE – 18 – 31 degrees air temp Man Made snow 50% humidity

This week I prepped 2 friends skis and my skis with the ZARDOZ Felix Process:  This FELIX combo worked great for 3 days about 10 hours of skiing on new MANMADE Snow.

The manmade snow was very abrasive that is why I chose the harder waxes. Some real wet areas existed.  Other skiers and boarders  slowed down while I zipped right through.


It worked great on skis but what about snowboards?.  I noticed a couple of boarders who appeared to be seasoned.  I asked if the flats were slow and if they thought that their speed was way down.  Both guys answered yes..  The test was done by wiping off the bottom of the snowboards and applying the ZARDOZ NotWAX.  This is not the best way to apply NotWAX.

Both said  to get a double speed increase.  More float and less work in the crud. 


In all tests both Felix process, Straight rub-on, skis or snowboards The ZARDOZ NotWAX performed better than expected At Ski Liberty Fairfield PA.  The conditions were wet packed snow, 65 degrees Mid day to early evening.

All test subjects reported a double increase in speed and ease of control in the crud.  This will save the muscle energy expended and should decrease falls and injuries due to tired legs.

Since then Zardoz Notwax, has been tested in the West, East, North and in Europe by one of our team testers. 


As a promoter of Zardoz Notwax I cannot be held responsible for your addiction to the product after sampling. This is why we do grass roots samples and demos. Feel what your missing.

Our last  DEMO DAY of the Season was a Blast!


We serviced 150+ Skis and Boards!




We serviced over 240 skis/snowboards on Saturday. We thank all that stopped by the Happy Tent! We shot some video of reactions and Jake really stood out.

Jake says awesome

Not scientific by any means, over half of the gear we serviced  needed work. Meaning one or all of these: hot wax , edges dull, bases cut, etc. Let your shop fix it or learn to do the work your self. It really does matter, especially holding on ICE. Fatigue is not your friend and having a smooth glide reduces fatigue. Your skis or board are a tool. Your tools need to be sharp.

Some local dealers: Baltimore Ski Warehouse, Ski Haus Glen Burnie, Liberty Mtn Resort.


Dealer lookup: Zardoz NOTwax – Where to Buy


Notice Japan, yes Zardoz NOTwax is USA Made and sold all over the world.

Additional Information:

I use to use rub on swix FX4. After doing some research on the patents on Ski WAX (84 of them) they all still use hydrocarbon wax since the 1960’s. Along the way Silicone was tried in the 70’s as and additive. 80’s they started to add aluminum, GA as a lube. Then came fluoro in the late 80’s to early 90’s. Now we have Poly Fluoro in ZARDOZ NOTWAX.

The main thing I did not know was with FX4 the base had to be dry. Kind of hard to keep it dry in a snowstorm.

The patents also had good data using standard waxes vs. other fluoro/additive wax in real ski race tests. In most cases the best wax & additive was about a second faster than the straight hydrocarbon waxes. I have lost 3rd place in races before with just 2/100 of a second behind.


Well Something new from ZARDOZ!!! SUPER Z BASE CLEANER. Zardoz Super Z™ Ski and Snowboard Base Cleaner helps minimize the hassle of removing old wax and slope gunk. It is a natural and safe base cleaner possessing exceptional strength and versatility. The Zardoz Super Z Base Cleaner features 100% active, undiluted citrus ingredients that break down and dissolve the toughest wax or grime build-ups without leaving any unwanted residue. SuperZ is biodegradable, and just like NOTwax, is safe for the environment as well as the user.

The Test:

My daughter’s skis from last year had a ton of black gunk (combination of old wax on slope, drippings of grease and oils from machines, and the pollen from Ma Nature.) We all get it in the spring.

I put her skis in the workbench. Opened up the ZARDOZ SUPER Z. Nice smell. I used a cosmetic cotton pad and put some SUPER Z on the pad. I rubbed it easy over the whole ski base, waited 60 seconds. Then I wiped down the base with a paper towel. No scrubbing at all. The gunk and wax came right off. Now just wipe off with water and paper towel. Now your ready for NOTWax Or HOT WAX w/NOTWAX. Sold in 20 oz and 4 oz. Another great product for the ZARDOZ labs.


BY ZARDOZ NOTWAX, SUPER Z , FLUORO The Fastest way to make your skis or board glide it’s best. It has been my choice for over 10 years. Find ZARDOZ Notwax at your favorite local retailer, or on the web.

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