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Disclaimer: Videos are not edited for “colorful language”. The mic does pick up surrounding sound but mainly music and the Race announcer. I have not found any colorful language.  – Some may get cut, some may be blocked or missed.

The Samples – our testing. Included any and all who raced on these dates. No CUTS other then no movement / no racer or a miss by accident. rt020716_dion_1_SMThe Goal was to provide free of charge the best way to see your own body mechanics. Additional goals were for zoom range, battery life, lessons learned, night exposure adjustment, app to slow youtube to .25 and .5 speed. Chrome Extension: Youtube Playback Speed Control
offered by shrestha.pujan

PROMOTION of SKI / SNOWBOARD RACING! Here you will see from beginner to platinum, from under 6 to over 70++.

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The effort is 1hr edit per segment so for BIFF about 8 hours edit. 

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Nice view of the Race Course Tubing Deck

FRIDAY NIGHT Feb 26, 2016 +1/3 exposure

Seg 1

Seg 2

Seg 3

SUNDAY Feb 28, 2016  SNOW filter

Seg 1


Seg 3

FRIDAY NIGHT MAR 4, 2016   +2/3 exposure

Seg 1

Seg 2


Tubing Lodge, Fireplace, Upper Deck

Seg 3

Seg 4

SAT BIFF 4 – MAR 5, 2016

Snow Filter 

Seg 1

Seg 2

Seg 3

Seg 4

Seg 5

Seg 6

Seg 7

MORE FUN- Check this 2 run overlay 

ALL BACKLOG of Raw Video is complete. 3/10/2016.

To Spectate: Watch racing while tubing, from the Tubing Center. Indoor and Outdoor views. Catch a bite to eat while watching.

The Exhibition Quad Lift offers a birds eye view of Racing.

Using: Canon Elph POS 350 HS. Software Sony Movie Studio platinum 12

MP4 to AVI conversion –     FRAME x FRAME VIEW and Edit –

Chrome  Extension: Youtube Playback Speed Control offered by shrestha.pujan

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