Child Ski day 1-3

SAFETY FIRST | Concussion Training | Injury Prevent

Keep it Simple, Fun, Warm, Safe. Use the learning vids for beginner. (25 Mins)

Learning is about the same as an adult but the brain is under development along with motor skills.

Intro to gear that will add time if renting.

Lessons: 1 on 1 for young is great well worth the $ invested. Group will work but a parent will not be in the group. Call ahead for age and info.

Short Sessions – Use a flat area to use one foot attached and move around, shuffle, slide and glide. Move up to both feet attached.

Practice slide and wedge pizza on flat. Practice with arms out and arms out to the side.

Move to a bit more slope using the magic carpet. Help the child stay in control. A hula hoop, harness works well.

Expect no more than this no lift ride or real run. If the child exceeds this expectation great move ahead.

Start with Day 1 Activity on a flat surface and then the moving carpet to practice french fries and pizza.

Add the lift getting on and off. On wait, until the chair passes, shuffle feet to get to the stop point, ask the attendant to slow down the lift.

Getting off “nose to knees” get forward and ride out the ramp away.

On a run maintain control and practice wedge and pizza and repeat.

Start with Day 2 review and activities.

Continue to work on Speed Control and beginning wedge turns, progress is based on each child.

Add lift and Green runs. Speed control via wedge and wedge turns.

Goal – BE able to stop and turn both ways and ride the lift. Add a group lesson.