Disclaimer- Warning: before any physical exercise you should check with a health professional. Get your Physical, EKG, Blood Work, Cholesterol, Chest x-ray, and go over family history.  I am not a health professional, nor fitness expert, just an average joe

You can increase your range of motion by as much as 20-30 percent at any age.

Our body sensors only report pain, Our brains get headaches but to see inside the body takes medical science. Even with insurance, you have to be the health manager.

What can you do?
– Before 50 get baselines.
Talk to relatives and get a good history of issues.
Know your Total Cholesterol, HDL, LDL
      Blood Pressure  
      Height, Weight, Waist measurement
      Fasting  Sugar, A1C      Vitamin D

The kidney eGFR test will show the percent of function.

As we age more preventive tests like a colonoscopy.

Don’t forget your vaccines, most need a regular update and some booster. Tetanus/w whooping cough, pneumonia, flu, shingles.

Food Intake matters a lot- I was able to change portions and types of food along with avoiding most sugar and HFCS High Fructose. https://nutritiondata.self.com/


Yoga Basics  It is great to learn balance, stretch your body, and create energy


stretching.name (skiing)

stretching.name (snowboard)

WHY: At my desk job my heart rate is under 60 BPM, At Rest <55. Cardio is important to keep your heart muscle in shape. At 58 the calculation is (220 – Age) x 80% = 129.6 Target heart rate. I can go a max of 140. See how much the target range is compared to at rest or at desk.

Walking on flat will ned get heart up enough unless going up an incline.

How Much Cardio – something is better then none at all. Bike, or use other cardio methods and shoot for 15 mins 3 x a week. Anythign that gets your heart going will work. Make it fun.

EX RX is a place that covers it all in detail

5 X 5 Strong Lifts – Best way to save time at the gym or home 5 compound lifts.

One great way to build strength, rehab from an injury, and be able to do perform at home.


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The Sit Stand above seems easy but it is a true test and can be done at home or work. at 60 years old you shoudl be able to complete 15 or you may be a fll risk. See the CDC link for the test information. https://www.cdc.gov/steadi/pdf/STEADI-Assessment-30Sec-508.pdf