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I am not a Doctor…“But I feel fine, You cannot feel TEST results.” such as… Glucose, Lipids, Metabolic’s, Blood Pressure.


As of  November 2015 I have been able to stop Basal Insulin at night. Insulin shot free in 9 months of diet and exercise. 
lost 40 lbs.  Just stopped SODA and 1/3 bread.  avg drop was 3-4 lbs a month.
92% of the population have no idea what the two tests  and their values are. Pretty Shocking considering 30%  will have diabetes. Diabetes can go hand in hand with coronary heart disease.  Heredity plays a large role and your family medical history is important.
Why care? Diabetes  can effect;

Kidneys, worst case a transplant.

Eyesight, worst case Blindness.

Heart, worst case Heart Attack.

Amputation, Feet / Leg



-Do you know your fasting AM glucose reading?   (base glucose reading)  Take at 8 am to avoid Dawn phenomenon, sometimes called the dawn effect, is an early-morning (usually between 2 a.m. and 8 a.m.) increase in blood sugar (glucose) relevant to people with diabetes

-Do you know your haA1C? (3 months back weighted to the front 3 weeks)

-How are the Kidneys? eGFR test.   (>60)

-How about Vitamin D? Even with SUN exposure Low Vitamin D can be associated.

There is no way to manage your health without Baseline Metrics ie Results. 

After TEST Baseline –Comparing_Tests.pdf


1. A1C 5.7 percent–6.4 percent or

2. Fasting plasma glucose (FPG) 100–125 mg/dL


1. A1C ≥ 6.5 percent (type 2) or

2. FPG ≥ 126 mg/dL

For criteria 1–2: Repeat test to confirm unless symptoms are present. It is preferable to repeat the same test for confirmation. If two different tests are used (e.g., FPG and A1C), and both indicate diabetes, consider the diagnosis confirmed. If the two different tests are discordant, repeat the test.

Target blood glucose levels for most people with diabetes.   70-180
If prediabetic there are steps to consider first:

DIET– Get rid of unnecessary Sugar / Carbohydrates. SODA, Extra deserts, etc. Track Carbos. Portion Size.

    The Rule – Each 15 gm of carbs = 1. No more than 4 per meal.  BREADS = 2.  4 x 15 gm = 60gm a meal.


EXERCISE – If you are not exercising minimum  of 30 min 3x a week you need to start. Exercise burns sugar.

If Exercise and diet do not lower your numbers:

Medication is in order.  (can lower A1C 1 to 2 Points)

Metformin is the first choice. Helps insulin work better. There are many different  types of oral medication that should be discussed with your Doctor. This link offers a good introduction  A single pill daily can lower A1C by 1 Point. Two pill combinations can lower A1C by 2 Points.

If Diet, Exercise, and Medication do not achieve control. Then Insulin Shots.
If not caught in time a person may have to start with Insulin, then add oral medication, then reduce the insulin and still achieve control.

INSULIN – By shot comes in forms of Short/fast  and long/24.  basbolgph

The Long Acting is called the BASAL. It releases slowly over time.

The Short Acting is called BOLUS. It acts fast and tapers over time. Taken before each of 3 meals. This combination mimics the natural cycle.

A Doctor will prescribe a UNIT for both types of insulin as a baseline.  As Meter readings are taken adjustments can be made weekly.

For BASAL go up one unit till the Morning Fast reads 90-100.  Adjustment of BOLUS can be done depending on carb load. These topics are discussed in these links.  diabetesnet.com/diabetes-control The Tool section has online calculators. Bd-adjustment_workbook is a great reference.

Each person is unique the prescribed units will need adjustment. Tracking tools and meter readings 5 times a day until adjusted. You and your Doctor work as a team.   My BASAL started at 40, After 3 months now 50.  The BOLUS started at 5 units now using 7 to 8 Units per meal. I Test and adjust.


Std Week composite using Bayer Contour Next USB –  Set for Tight Glucose control 70-140  ADA – allows 70-180.

I like the Bayer Contour Next USB for ease of data reporting.  Glucofacts Info Glucofacts Deluxe is free







bd.com CarbCountWeb2007.pdf



Can be available for free from your medical supply or doctor. Coupons from manufacturer.

Cheap is just that cheap. Cost of strips is the issue.at 5 x a day. If Insurance does not cover, then go mail order. Still figure on 30$ a month.  Mail order can be

I can recommend Accu-Chek Nano for an accurate small basic devcice,

Bayer Contour Next, Basic device is Accurate

Bayer Contour Next USB. Accurate and allows tracking of insulin and carbs along with notations.

 USB version is great for data transfer to Glucofacts software

To use the most current version of 3.8 Available online, Download and run then connect the Next USB.

The next USB has version 3.4. To update download the software from the Canada Site. 


Diabetic supplies Insulin Pens, Pen Needles, Glucose test strips can be available at low cost. The trick is finding out which supply pharmacy is authorized by the Insurance provider.

Baltimore Metro Area I use Northern Pharmacy  Northern Pkwy/ Harford Rd. CSR- Trish James