22 Months +

Journey into snowchadski1st3152015

My Grandson at 22 months is very fun to be with. We love the playgrounds, parks, swings, ball, etc.  I have no idea if he will like snow sports, but I can help expose him to the fun of winter.
Back in my day, we would wait for a snow storm, then get together to pack down a base, build a few jumps, a curved wall or two. At night, we would use flower watering cans to ice down the runs.  We would play games, up and down into the woods behind my house.  Good old days.  Seems people hibernate more in the winter nowadays.  Sure it’s cold, using the right gear and not getting wet is the key.

I started using this online book   Brooks Health Org Motor Skills Booklet to guide me as to what things to do to encourage chads development. Nothing out of the ordinary per say. A swing mimics the feeling on a lift. Climbing in a fort or upstairs and down. Kicking a ball, running,  normal activities having fun. We play row row which to him means doing situps with me. All this and then add art, painting, finger painting , clay fun. etc.  Reading books, going to the library and so on.
I found Chad is at his expected level and in many ways a year ahead.
Keep chad moving to the goal of skiing by 3. This means certain physical skills to attain.
While that occurs over 6 to 9 months …… closer to winter


Introduction with Video, cartoons, and books/magazines  

Cartoons – yes , Paw Puppies had a snowboard cartoon.

Ski Videos as in learning – http://www.teachchildrenskiing.com/  done in 5 to 10 min segments

Ski Magazine or books – showing snow and mountains.

   Expose in short sessions 10 to 15 mins long  Don’t force.
Introduction to gear.

Get skis and boots for kids at a swap cheap

Introduce by putting on your boots and getting into your ski bindings ( 10 mins short sessions )

Let the child try if they want to. Don’t force. Over time they will.

Give them some space of 2 months and just see what happens.

Chad 22 months


child needs to be able to withstand the cold for 30 to 45 minutes.

     -hat gloves coat. When at the resort add snow pants. and headgear etc bandana and all is good.

Next up will be  first time at resort. 

Lots of things that are new can overwhelm a child.

Pick a milder less windy day.

30 mins at a time then inside.  Maybe extended depending on the child.

Hydrate – take the weight in pounds and divide in half for number of water ounces.  26 lbs = 26 ounces. of water

Goal is to have the child see others, especially kids skiing and snowboarding. See fun

Try on one ski and slide around on flat, repeat other side.

Put on both and be pushed and pulled on flatchadskilog1st

      Practice Airplane arms and zombie arms

Add the wedgease and slide

with wedgease help show back of ski out, like pizza wedge. Demonstrate a few times.

for a 2-year-old that will be fine enough for a day.

In between reinforce skills via the kids lessons

Second time out same as First time out.

Add the magic carpet (ie a little more hill.

Use a hula hoop to control / support child

Practice the pizza to use as slow down.

  Practice Airplane arms and zombie arms

In between reinforce skills via the kids lessons

Third Time out –  Add a one on one / parent lesson

add lift. Go over class and repeat time out one and two.

More on turns to control speed