3 Years

Chads 2nd-year journey skiing is about to start. He has mastered all 3-year-oldchad_soccerCut112015
motor skills.
Playgrounds: Swings, climbing, and slides. Jumping from stairs.

SoccerShots.com has a good program and it helped chad master his legs.
From NOV till mid-December:
Hopscotch, Balance on one leg. Playgrounds, and some fancy footwork.

-A wedge is heels out (Pizza)

– Feet in line French Fries

New game Frech fries and pizza.

Still cannot find mittens to fit little kids hands.chadskilog1st
The Helmet for him fits he is 49.5 cm Measure 1 inch above eyebrows.
Skis are 67cm and are an inch under his chin perfect for his height.
Boots fit by checking liners.
Plan 3 outings –

1- 2 or 3 30 min 

Use flats, and the Moving carpet to work on pizza stops.

trips 2 and 3 – 3) 30 min sessions   Maybe a parent/child with instructor one on one

lift and greens. French fries, Pizza, and wedge turns.

The Wedge, PIZZA, Snow Plow.  After the straight foot glide the wedge is next.
This is a way to control speed as a beginner. Young have less control of foot motor skills.
The Wedge will transition a skier to a wedge turn, then wedge Christy. Leading to Parallel.
Each session no more then 30-40 minutes. For 3-5 year old 2 sessions break in between.
Straight run
Wedge  – PIZZA

Have the child sit in a chair. With one foot, show how to move heel left and right. Do the same with the other foot. Have the child demonstrate.
With both feet, show how to move the left foot’s heel left and right foot’s heel to the right. Have the child demonstrate.
Now repeat by standing.
 Other :
Jump up, land straight feet  FRENCH FRIES
Jump up,  land in  PIZZA


Child  Reference_Guide

Skiing Coaching Guide

Teach children skiing Video based
Hula Hoop to help train
Local Library: Many children books about skiing and snowboarding