Chad almost 5

Took the grandson and his dad out skiing to Roundtop. Moving carpet helps keep energy for the other tasks of learning. Don’t be fooled you have to learn to control speed by the wedge and or by using the terrain ie uphill to slow down. Chad is almost 5. He took a private lesson with Rick. I worked with Chad Sr on the wedge and turn and he was balanced enough.
Little chad did well but needs more work on the wedge, turns and speed control. He managed the lift load and unload well with no issues.
Timing. Took about 1 hour to purchase lift lessons at Learning Center, get Chad Sr his boots and skis. Tip call ahead a few days to arrange. Presidents day weekend looks booked for lessons.  Give yourself  1.5 hrs to get parked unloaded and all ready to hit the snow. We managed to play about 2.5 hrs. Chad jr lesson was an hour.
The magic carpet was nice and no real line. the beginner quad was a wait of fewer than 5 mins.
Video of Chad

The wind was calm, sun out and temps cold but not too cold. No snowmaking during the day on the Greens.
Little Chads questions were. Are we skiing those big hills and what happens at the end of the lift? Do we drop off?
From his perspective very good questions.
Next time we know what to work on. We can optimize our paths since Chad Sr knows what to do with rentals. Less time lost

Powder horn to Drummer Boy



1=first time ever. Can balance, move, walk, glide, slide and stop + lift (Chad jr)

2=beginning wedge turns ..Balance exercises, basic wedge turns, speed control and stopping…Mileage  (Chad Sr)
Next time Hula Hoop.  Chad Sr a group lesson. and all then can ski an hr on the beginner slope.
3 times out is what it usually takes to get to a skill level of  3-4
The video link below shows using the hula hoop for a child learning to ski. It takes 3 times out minimum.