Boot Adjustments

Boot Liner – Heat reform

uncooked rice, socks, and old socks for toe box and microwave, a 2×4 or book

Some may benefit by reheating and forming the liner to the foot.


The information can be found online from the Open Library Project (you must register free)

Cover of: The athletic skier by Warren Witherell
The athletic skier by Warren Witherell 
1993, Athletic Skier, Distributed by Johnson Books from Internet Archive


80% of the correction will yield 20%performance gain

20% of the last corrections will yield 80% performance gain

Boot Canting Adjustment and Alignment

Checking with a plumb bob, Simple tools

Always take a picture and mark your current settings:


Another great source which goes over Boot Fitting

Jim Schaffner – 5 Mistakes You’re Making with Boots