Cleaning Gear

Do not use laundry Detergent.

Any type of fabric can become damaged from its contact with chloride salts (perspiration).
Chloride salts, when left on fabric, can bleed dyes, slowly discolor and eventually deteriorate a fabric. Do not store in unconditioned areas, Plastics can degrade with too much heat.

PH  –  Matters and the more or less PH from 6-7 are logarithmic in power.

Borax = 9.3 Base alkaline   (Used the most)

Dawn Dish Detergent and water = 6-7 ph

Distilled Vinegar = 2.8 Acid


Use – less harsh to the fabric at first then move to the next type of PH.

After cleaning always Rinse 3 times then apply the waterproof agent

BATH TIME – Rinse with cold water, in the shower or by the hose, then dry. HOT WATER can remove lubricates inside of ski binding COLD water only
BINDINGS – Record DIN (binding setting) on a tag and attach to ski. Toe and Heal for each ski.
Use a screwdriver to back off, reduce the setting to Zero
SCREWS attachment to ski or board  – Tight or back off and reset with Elmer’s glue

Protect metal edges. Vaseline, anti-rust, wax, do not let rust and pitting to occur.

Plastics do wear out and become brittle.  The polymers and other components off gas, dry, depending on heat and use. BINDINGS do wear out.

LINER BATH– Take out orthotics or footbed, remove liners. Use cold water and fill up boot. Use a combination of Oxyclean and borax in water. Rinse 3 times. Dry outside and use A hairdryer 2 times a day over multiple days to dry. It can take 4-6 days to dry.
SHELL – Wash with cold water
FUNK – Pick up OT Odor Spray. ODOR OUT or other sports spray designed for hockey pads.
Check for wear on buckles and straps, Cracks in the plastic, Treads worn



All zippers shut all velcro closed.

Tech Wash – Non-Detergent wash
TX – DIRECT Spray Waterproof
For very dirty spots a Laundry spot remover may help.

Gear will retain its factory repellent coating for 20 wash cycles.
Remove items from gear
Follow directions on Nikwax Tech Wash
Use in the bathtub or in 20 lb washer

Alternative wash:

Non Detergent mix – Bath Tub of warm water,  2 cups Borax.
Agitate by hand every 5 mins for 15 mins. Drain, Rinse 3 times.

ADD WATERPROOF AFTER WASH – Nikwax Waterproof Spray

Check all straps – Check for cracks, liner issues
Clean with a mix of water, and borax, Rinse 3 times, wipe and let dry.

IF in a fall that is bad a helmet should be replaced. Contact the mfg they may have a replacement program. In General 5 to 7 years for an avg helmet without a fall. The compression of foam is the issue and UV, heat and use.


Not as easy as it sounds. Unless you always fill out a registration card or alert the mfg. It only takes an hour.

This link list is the GOOD list for last year. 

Use a search engine and check for recalls on skis, boots, Snowboard bindings, by make. Then model.

CPSC – Consumer product safety commission has an exhaustive list of recalls on everything. The search takes a bit more time.

Try the MFG or Company. Look at the top and bottom. look for RECALL

This is an example of the MFG recall