Maryland – December 25 2020. If you need food, shelter, medical reach out to the County you live in. If you need a COVID test rapid or PCR – Check your County and clinics Dial 211

WEAR A MASK IN PUBLIC – in common areas like apartment hallways, storage or laundry rooms.


Dec 25 2020 we expected 100 per 100k –
Maryland Metrics Covid Act Now Nov 29 2020

Regular Flu is tracked by the ILI – National, Regional and State

Covid Each State has an official page for tracking, others come from Hopkins and other Data feeds and no real consistent metric meaning all use the same.


CDC takes many models and build the ensemble. This group posts cases per 100k for each state and county.

NO Canada or EU travel allowed yet for ski trips.

IT GETS COMPLICATED – Most resorts will need your contact info

Colorado at 15% Positive Colorado shuts down


New York

New Hampshire vague if not from New England and extended stay (not defined) is 14 days requirement.



MD- if you go to states not adjoining MD- requires a negative test or 10 day quarantine

Avoid Weekends When Possible. Enjoy Afternoon/Night Skiing. Avoid Historically Busy Days (holiday, after a fresh snowfall, School out)

Thanks to SIA and SAM for guidance – Associations of the retail, mfg, and resort management. Real news real source.

June 25, 2020: SIA Town Hall #10_Opportunities for Winter Outdoor Recreation in 20-21 and Beyondat that moment in time the survey said less will fly and more will drive to destinations.

SIA+SAM Town Hall #1: Resort Ops-An Update on the 20_21 Winter Season Learn about what changes to expect. rentals, Lessons, Food, beverage, and how to achieve social distance. ( we are lucky many use eye and mask cover in snow sports) The single line will be gone at the lift only PODS ie family or groups who came can ride together.

SIA Town Hall #13: United By Winter – Moving the Winter Community Forward – consumer

OVER 1 million children in USA have been infected.

This is a 130+ page list of studies for Kids school covid

NO pro or con for any study.

The Maryland Strong Roadmap to Recovery is divided into three stages:
a. Low Risk
b. Medium Risk
c. High Risk

Link to MD Strong Plan

LIMIT CONTACT STAY SAFE- AGE 60/High RISK BMI>30, COPD, Asthma, Heart, Diabetes, Sickle Cell

Native American, Black and Hispanic have a 4 to 5 time higher chance of catching covid. (CDC)

CURRENT Therapeutics Remdesivir FULL APPROVAL and Dexamethasone EUA are approved and working to decrease the time spent in hospitals by 30%, less use of ventilators, and the reason the death rate has dropped from the beginning 6 months.

REGENERON FDA Authorizes Monoclonal Antibodies for Treatment of COVID-19.

VACCINES – Three show over 90% effective

4300 + Clinical studies and trials

HOPKINS LINK look for the Treatments. This link is comprehensive.

Planning used to be work, plane, weather, and fun now we add the COVID which adds complexity. Most states list travel restrictions and many you cannot legally travel to.

Projected infections Compare CO, UT, VT, NH, WY

Know your chronic health issues and risk assessment. Age, demographic, Heart, Diabetes, Sickle cell, the list is at

Can a person plan around probability and risk of infection? Maybe so explore a few tools. This link you can compare multiple states at once infection rate per 100k is what drives quaranteen.