NOT DESIGNED TO SCARE to inform- Safety comes from knowledge, training, protective gear, and constant updates from the medical and science community. Physics cannot be fooled.

HELMETS WORK, protective body armor is a really good investment.

UNDERSTAND SPEED: Each 10 mph equals 1 story fall. Avg on the medium run is 25 MPH or falling 2 1/2 floors. Consider sliding, how long a slide? That will be determined by weight and speed but a general rule is 10 feet per 10 miles per hour. 30 MPH = 30 feet. 60 MPH = 60 feet.

What speed – Most Cell trackers can show speed. We use Ski Tracks a nice ap. Our local resorts in the mid-Atlantic tend to max out at 60 mph. A longer steeper run speed can reach above 60 MPH. A DEAD STOP is named that for a reason hit a solid object above 40 MPH and the chance of death increases versus a glancing blow.

NOT IF BUT WHEN – You will fall, know how to fall, roll, to protect.


Risk Avoidance Link  – Physics behind impact: Skiing/Snowboard forces  One of the best ways to understand how to avoid injury.

Concussion Protocol for parents, coaches, participants