WAX and tuning is just one part of the total system.

What is the main ingredient? A form of KRYTOX food Grade lubricant.

Tested by EPA as Non-Toxic, Food Grade Contact.

IF you use any form of wax with a hot source we always recommend PPE: Gloves, Venting, Eye Protection, and Respirator. NO SMOKE from the hot source. Most use ZARDOZ without heat as an overlay.

When we test in course, using low handicap racers we can get 1/2 second in a typical NASTAR course. Same skis before and after wet application.

One such addition was a ski wax substitute (Zardoz NotWax) that could be applied by simply wiping it onto your skis and waiting a minute or two to dry. For those non-skiers out there, snow skis have wax coatings on the surface that contacts the snow.

It was unbelievable and shaved almost a second and a half from my time. In races that are decided at the hundredth of second tolerances, a second and a half is huge.

To illustrate this point (ref thermometer diagram showed), my best runs of the day (race 1 and 2) before the wax was a 36 handicap or step 131 of 140 in the Silver category (eg. A mark 6% from the Bottom of the Silver Thermometer). My races after the wax treatment (race 3 and 4) were handicaps of 29.1 and 28.8 respectively (eg. steps 62 and 59 or 140) –ora jump of 69 steps in one race (eg. Going from 6% from the bottom of the Silver category to 58%) WOW!!

We are non paid Racers but do receive the product from ZARDOZ BASE BOOST. We perform product testing for the average consumer.