WARNING: UNDER 18 ask parents, all should consult their Doctor. I am not a Doctor.

The kidney (eGFR Test) is the main lab to watch when adding protein and sports nutrition. A basic % percent of function. Add more water, never dehydrate.

PROTEIN needs to be calculated from your diet. From that point, an idea of what to add. This means write down the protein in everything you eat. The Basic calc of Protein need is 56 GRAMS.

USDA RDA says 56 grams of protein. AMDR up to 35%.

This mix has Creatine, BCAA, etc.

Aldi has Elevation  – under 15$ for a whole season.
Walmart Body Fortress  – Under 18$ 

If you exercise more is needed. Consumption of 1.2-2.0 g protein. kg of body weight, and ≥44-50 kcal. of body weight. (99 kg = 210 lbs) This is from NIH form cohort studies which show we need more protein.

CREATINE Understand CREATINE works on ATP to power the muscle. For many, it allows a longer workout, or longer on slope time. Do not use more than directed and hydrate. Most older over 45 will lose muscle mass unless exercise, protein is added to the diet.

Creatine for the ATP response and Reduced Muscle Acidosis-
Additionally, a number of clinical applications of creatine supplementation have been studied involving neurodegenerative diseases (e.g., muscular dystrophy, Parkinson’s, Huntington’s disease), diabetes, osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia, aging, brain and heart attack/ischemia, adolescent depression, and pregnancy.
Source: NIH Nat Inst of Health

Remember water and a protein bar 40 mins before race time to replenish and hydrate.