Top Women & JR. in Action Shooting

Women participate in many forms of shooting sports


Women of USPSA   Best link to keep up.

Olympic events that feature womenshooting:


Shyanne started at 7, She is now 10.

This page will highlight a few top Women competitors in USPSA and 3GUN.

Each Area of USPSA Sponsors a JR. Camp every year. These JR’s. are the next stars. The kids are trained by the Top Shooters in the USA.

Shyanne is 10, Photo on right. A well-rounded girl. Check out her page on FB. She has been to USPSA JR camp. Trained by the best. Keep an eye on her She will be a Top Competitor by 18.

Others can take courses for women only, like Babes with Bullets

Exercise, Fun, Adrenaline, Brainwork, SAFETY.


It is not a total list.  

These women offer great tips on their site. A young woman can start at 10. With supervision and training.

Name FaceBook Photo
Julie Golob FBLINK  JuileG
Janna Reeves FBLINK  JannaReves
Jessie Duff FBLINK  jesseduff
Gabby Franco FBLINK  gabby
Lena Miculek FBLINK  LenaM

Photos and credits are to the respective athletes and their Facebook page. 

Additional Video : 


USPSA Area 8 Jr. Camp Trained by the Best.