Ultrasonic Cleaning

Cleaning the easy way.  Ultrasonic cleaning is not new. Whatever the reason, it took a while to catch on with competitive action sh00ters.

The unit I use is the Harbor Freight  2.5 liter. Don’t forget and grab a 20% coupon.

This unit can add heat about 180 degrees and many preset clean times.

USED with good Results:

Dawn Dish Detergent and Water

White vinegar and water

Some use a solution with simple green Aluminum CAUTION

Other have used “outside only” solvents that are not approved, like kerosene. it is a fire hazard when using solutions that can be flammable.

Cleaning brass- white vinegar to brighten.


Other solvents work but the CAUTION is knowing the FLASHPOINT in temp.  Read the product SDS. A spark at that temp can yield very bad results as in FIRE or EXPLOSION. Ventilation, observation outdoor use required.

Cavitation of ultrasound will increase heat. Measure Temp of fluid to not exceed 39 Centigrade.

FLASHPOINT all you need to know

Typical Flast Points of:

acetone’s flash point of −20 °C (−4 °F)   Distilled Hydrocarbons 40 C

Ecotech (D Limonene, Distilled light hydrocarbons) which I use 3 oz to 50 oz distilled water – Flashpoint is 40C.


AR  Bolt buildup sometimes requires a good soak in solvent. Overnight to help loosen up the carbon. Photo left.