This Information Is Presented As A Beginning

It takes a person years to master all of the skills.

Go slow, if in doubt ask the stage RO (Range Officer) before you touch a firearm.


v2.21  Updated..

If three Guns are Too much consider starting out with Handgun (Fun Shoots, USPSA, IDPA)

3Gun is an Action Shooting sport utilizing different type of targets, and multiple Firearms (Rifle, Shotgun, Handgun) in a 3D type stage.

       In general, handguns with a barrel length LESS than 4 inches are not legal for competition.  

Scoring is 1 hit to A Zone or 2 Hits to Target.

Stage Briefing points out the Stage procedure, Scoring/targets, and Penalties.

Farthest Distance for

Rifle: Between 1 ft and 200 yards  {Some ranges can go 300 to 500 yards}

Shotgun:  out to 100 yards SLUG

 Rules: These can be different depending on your club.

The USPSA United States Practical Shooting Association – handgun, but they have multi-gun also. Scoring is more complex, and higher points for accuracy and power ie 40/45 cal.



You should know basic safety rules before you attempt to learn 3Gun.

  • Individuals MUST have a good working KNOWLEDGE of their firearms;
  • Individuals MUST already KNOW how to SAFELY load, shoot, and unload their firearm

The Basics are presented below.

Link – One of the best introductions to 3 Gun. A must read only 30 pages.

Thanks to:

 Rio Salado Sportsman’s Club, Mesa, AZ

by: Ron Aschenbach, Richard Bhella, Kelly Neal  (Seasoned Pros)

Your club may follow a different set.




What percentage is each firearm used and type of ammunition?  A Level II Match numbers are for example:

York 6/2013 3gun Match Level II

327 rounds total   35%  Handgun, 37% Rifle and 27% Shotgun

 This is an example of a Level I  Club Match

York 7/2013 3 gun Match Level I

Some stages give you a choice as to which target is hit by
which firearm. Example in the case of Stage 2 rifle Shotgun
I chose Pistol only on Stage 5-9, A person could have chosen Rifle/Pistol

235 rounds total   65% Handgun 18% Rifle 17% Shotgun

 The Match notice will mention the number of rounds minimum, bring double.

SLINGS may be required.!!