Shooting USA has Pro Tips on many subjects

Dave Sevigny


Sniper Manual

FM 3-05.222 Special Forces Sniper Training and Employment     Chapters: 3 and 4


Shoot a few Trap Sessions for hand-eye coordination.

See videos from the intermediate section.


Get time DRY FIRING, shooting airsoft,  Shooting Trap, Shooting the rifle long range and short.


Record what went well and what did not.

Lessons learned.

1- ran to the bunker and stopped.  go to the side of the trigger arm and never stop.

2- Missed or did not engage, due to blocked view and re engage

3 – Ran to C and D box, should have gone straight to pistol

4- The folks who have not shot a good bit of USPSA/IDPA are not that accurate.

lots of misses. In the case of the plates, they do not have a lot of area compared to the IPSC classic or the 3gun nation round. ie. you have to be more accurate.

5- Guns have to run clean. no jams, or issues. Lube the AR’s up and clean them before a match.

6- Know your magazines. Load 30 or 28, or 18 etc. Need to know before the match

7- Get video the only way to really get and idea of body mechanics and thought process

8- Keep pistol up high at reload. bringing down takes more time to refocus


Check Cadence of shots fired

Check Body Position



What did you do well:


Small Targets

Large Targets


Draw etc.


Same for what did you do not so well: This will be what the next training session implements at 80% Time.

The self-critique will be the drill areas for next training session. Train hard on the things you do not do well.

Spend 80%Training time on those issues. If there are more than three areas, pick the three that will save the most time.