Stage Breakdown


York IWLA 67 – 3 Gun Match PIT 2  Rifle & Pistol

In this stage a rifle and pistol are required. The briefing below


Stage 2 Diagram Above

1) Break Down the number of target arrays.  There are 3. Array of  IPSC Classic targets, array of 6 inch steel knockdown, Array of 3GunNation Round Targets.


 1 hit on A Zone or 2 hits anywhere else to neutralize.

2) Break down the procedure. Where to start, What firearm can I use to engage targets.

3) Physical breakdown (stage inspection)

  • Look for blocked targets ie. vision blocks.  (barrels and walls)
    • develop a way to remember what targets are blocked so as not to miss or not engage


  • Try all angles, locate the sweet spot to engage the most targets
  • Count the rounds and plan where to reload on the move  
  • Plan where to bunker
  • look for pitfalls

4) Ammo Break Down (2 Scenarios)

     All Rifle from Boxes, 28 Rounds   Pistol 18

     Rifle Only Box A, B 20 Rounds  Pistol 26