Training Plan

Developing a Training Plan

Use the Fire ready Aim approach meaning the first match shot will give you feedback to adjust your training

– Dry Fire   NO LIVE AMMO

      Going through the mechanics without ammo (or with Dummy Ammo)

      Reloads, Draw, Shooting positions. Etc 

Always check magazine and Chamber 3x NO LIVE AMMO

– Live Fire

Always add NO SHOOTS next to target. Adds Stress.

Use Air-soft as a supplement to Range time (Vid)

Plan before  going to the range.

Plan Ratio – Pistol 45%, Rifle 35%, Shotgun 20%  (100 rds, 50 rds, 25 rds)

Cover all Positions, Single Draws, multiple targets


Training Plans will vary as a person learns their weak areas. Weak areas spend 80% of training time on them.



Additional  Sample Plans   Rifle Plan   Shotgun Plan


Train per your plan .   Use 1 hour of training per 1 min match shooting. Beginner 5 mins = 5 Hours

Shoot your first Club match (KEY is SLOW, SLOW Down, Watch your finger, Watch the muzzle)



Objectives 1

You should be able to shoot from multiple positions.

(standing, Sitting, Kneeling, Prone)

 Rifle out to 200 yards 6 Inch Circle

Understand the effects of wind, scope/ iron adjustment

Develop a Training Plan Live Fire

Develop a Training Plan Dry Fire

Always check the Chamber 2x.