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JBM has been providing free online ballistics calculators and info for approximately fifteen years. During that time JBM has written custom ballistics software for a number of different platforms including desktop workstations and embedded processors and microcontrollers.  JBM Calculators

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Personal Defense Ammunition Performance Data

How do bullets fly?   Learn about bullet stability, Yaw

Wind Drift  & Deflection  100 – 200 yards

Tables for 7.62 x 39 and 303 British (click to enlarge)


Tables use 10 mph. For 5 mph multiply by .5, 15 mph 1.5, 30 mph x 3

As you see the 303 out performs the 7.62 in less wind drift.

When Shooting an 8 inch plate at 200 yards wind will matter.


All kinds of testing below

The Box O’ Truth – What you always wanted to know… But were unable to test yourself!

Construction Materials vs bullets

Ballistics and Construction Material Testing

Hi-Point 9mm Analysis & functionality test

Handgun Shooting Measuring your performance

7.62 x 39mm  (SKS Rifle)  1/8 inch Steel – All types penetrated  As shown.  Did not penetrate 3/16 inch steel.

         SKS                                  303c

303 British 1 3/16 plastic



303 British – Penetrates 3/16 steel no problem. The 1/2  Steel made up of 4 plates only penetrated first plate and left a dent of 1 inch.  The bullet Resistant plastic was penetrated and shattered. The plastic is rated for Handgun only.