Match Triage Lessons Learned

Match Triage Lessons Learned

Video, Scorekeeping help a person learn.  Hard to video everyone, but when I RO the same stage for a whole day, I can trend out the little tips that make a person much better. Many tips can be practiced without firing a shot.

3 Gun nation PA Championship, york IWLA, April 2017

Stage was Pit 2. Simple yet tricky.
5 3GN paper for Rifle/PCC 12 8×8 plates Handgun, 10 Clays shotgun.
Shotgun Slung, empty, bolt closed, on safe
Rifle Loaded on safe in a 45-degree table. Shoot box A
Handgun Loaded on safe, 45-degree table. Shoot box B
Shotgun right Box C
Barrels will keyhole round- round must have grease mark to count
no sling – place on table, left after Box B run back and retrieve Shotgun.

Video- You will see the sling over bead and miss.

A few more runs
Link to the Stag 2 Results

30% had 1 miss 2.5 sec.
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Chamber Flag Needed for all Rifle, Shotgun, PPC
Many Keyholes extra shots Barrel hits.
Use side of box to prop up the grip

Surprised at the misses 8×8 are big plates.
Misses were LEFT or LOW

*Many forgot to charge, then take the safety off.
*Slings got caught over the beads and people missed until moving the sling. Remedy with removable clip installed easier to remove the sling and will not get caught, or over bead sight.

*Many did not load up in case they bobbled the reloads.
– Had to pick off ground.
*Not many had clean runs of 10….

Practice the hardest shots. Pistol would be 4×4 plates
Dry fire

Dry fire sling work, charge, safety work.

DRY FIRE off hand 25 meter M4 target. even 20 feet will work.