Rifle – Range card

Building the Rifle Card

For Those 80% who have no Idea (Media) and for those who need to remember. 

Anytime a Brand or Load has changed, a scope moved or added, Re zero and building of a range card is a must.

Reason #1 you buy a large qty or enough for a year of matches.


Learning your wobble, aim vs impact points Vs Scope power settings and distance

Learning about physics, how bullets fly will help a great deal.

Minimum of 2 days – 8 hours.  2 days to rule out fatigue, and just a bad hair day. Then a Match to uncover the issues to work on.

– Time is the major stress factor.

– Points / Time.

– Accuracy matters.

When building a range card do not worry about time.

Feedback – Feedback comes from testing and recording written information, video, and a retrospective / review of a match.

What are the parameters:

-200 yds, all positions, 6-inch plate

– Short range.   3inch x 3 inch target / 4 inch square

– Positions: Kneeling, Standing, Prone, Ports, Barricades

– Clean rifle bore

STEPS   1 – ZERO – Rifle.  

1- Get on paper at 25 yards center of 8×11

2 – Get on paper at 50 yards center of 8×11


Bench 2 days of sub 1in 1 MOA. 100 yds. Shoots lower then GT

3- Get on paper at 100 yards center of 8×11

4- Fine tune from sturdy Bench rest. ( over 2 days to rule out fatigue, wind, etc) Elevation , windage.  Try to get tight 5 shot groups.

(Military care about large Targets. They zero at 25 yards, for an effective range to 300 yards. We care about 6-inch round)  a One 1 inch group at 100 yards is 1 MOA. 200 yards now 2 MOA.

-On bench or prone easier then Standing.

Everyone has a natural wobble. When I video the rifle is still, yet I see the aim point moving.

Have to learn your own wobble.


200 yd 50% hits 6×6 Drop elevation by 3 in and make it 80% ?

2- 100 to 200 yards adjustments. 

A scope if Zeroed at 100 yards, in my case to go to 200 yards I have to CLICK up 6 (1/4 inch @100 = 1/2 in at 200). [Adjust for windage] finer detail at 200. scope is now 1/2 inch at 200.

A scope Must Hold ZERO. Test – Zero for 100 Yards. Click up for 200 yards. Shoot target 10 times. 50% need to fall within 6 inches.

Then Set scope back down (reverse number) of clicks.  Shoot ten times, IS it back on zero at 100.?

The factory tables are factory. Close but not 100% for your rifle, your skill and your wobble.

For 3Gun I will set at zero at 100 yards.  For long range shots I will adjust elevation up and after that stage lower the same number of clicks.


At 60 feet shows a hold off aiming 2.5 in high. Shows Natural wobble.

3- Close in Scope settings.  Assume Zero at 100 yds

Need a 1 in by 1 in target square gradient 8 x 10 min

From a rest – Set scope at 2x, 4x , 7x  and shoot 5 rounds each power while aiming at Center of Target. Do this at

10 feet, 30 feet (10 yds) 60 feet (20 yds)  90 feet ( 30 yds) and 150 feet ( 50 yds)

Record the Avg where rounds impact the target for each power setting and distance.

This is about setting up. Shooting takes time to learn. The Army, Marines have really good videos and manuals for all to use. Basics, Fine Tune, Practice the hard shots. You can only train for 3 hours.

Once you can zero, know where the bullet impacts, get in a match with 3 Goals. SAFETY, Feedback, Slow.

The retrospective with video will point out things needing correction:

Break them down to specific areas and add drills to correct.

My last match –

Rifle –

Body Mechanics-

Port of Arms “Barrel Sight Target”

Arms in hold tray.

Hardware –


Red Dot gets in the way. 2 types of Barricade

Mag jams

Get rid of Red Dot.


200 yard prone, off hand standing.

Transitions –   (3Gun Hero Noveske has a good segment on transitions)

Going to bunker

     Safety on-off?

     Burn rounds ?

     Use 2 movements

Un bunkering

   Use 2 movements

Semi Auto Rifle  Basics  – 4 hours of Reading / Video

Marines Fundamentals of Rifle Marksmanship (16 Min vid)

Preliminary Rifle Marksmanship Instruction (1hr vid)

    Basic instruction on entry-level marksmanship with the M16/M4-series service rifle taught by SFC   Norman Anderson.VIDEO  – Handouts/slides

*FM 3-22.9  RIFLE MARKSMANSHIP M16-/M4-SERIES WEAPONS August 2008 (Manual)
*US ARMY MARKSMANSHIP UNIT Basic shooting positions with the rifle  vid

Advanced Help – 
Rifle Marksmanship Diagnostic and Training Guide May 2011 

3 Gun some of the holds like over-hand etc. But for a Guide to diagnostic a very good read.

Igman (Red Army Std Elite)

Targets for Rifle:


  • M16/AR15 A2 25m zero: The same target used by the military to zero the M16 rifle (with A2 sights). Includes instructions. See Army FM 23-9 for more info.
  • M4 Carbine 25m zero: The same target used by the military to zero the M4. Includes instructions. See Army FM 23-9 for more info.
  • 50 meter Triangle: For open sights such as the 7.62mm SKS.
  • Range silhouettes: Scaled silhouettes at 50, 100, 150, 200, 250, and 300 meters. When placed at 25 meters, simulates an Army qualification range. Use indoors or if your range is too small. Remember you should aim low at 150-200m targets with an M16. See Army FM 23-9 for more info.

Indoors dry firing, the smaller 25-meter targets or simulate to 300 are great for 20 to 25 yards.