LAWS   They change all the time!

Firearm laws are extensive and cover both Federal and State law. Some states use NICS entirely others a combination. Time to clear background can be instant, 1-3 days or as much as 7 days in Maryland for a handgun.


Your State will be different. If you conceal carry it is your responsibility to know the law in each state you carry in. Figure 4,000 pages worth. Best bet is an Insurance policy to cover Bail, lawyer, lost time.

CONCEAL CARRY STATS: About 14 million in USA. Mostly former Police, Military and Business owners. Sworn officers estimated at 900,000.

Average number of justified shootings – Kill per year by CCW holder – 300

Average number of justified shootings- Kill per year by Police – 400

data cutoff is 2014. At that point, the number of officers went up vs population. The number of fatalities in the line of duty went down. There may be new numbers for 2015-2017.

US Chapter 18 part-I chapter-44  Federal Law  


MD State Police FAQ– STATE Police regulate Assault and handguns. Rest are checked via NICS.


Form 77R Required on Handgun or AR purchase. The Form is now automated online.

Sample 77R

ATF 4473 Information – Form

ATF Complete Book of Gun Laws (500+pages)  Old needs update



State of MD has Parole  .. Virginia does not.

  • Most initial parole hearings are conducted for offenders when they have served approximately 25% of their total sentence. However, some offenders receive their first hearing before the 25% mark; others who have committed certain violent crimes must serve 50% before their hearing. Offenders serving life sentences become eligible for parole consideration after serving 15 or 25 years, depending upon the circumstances of the conviction.

U.S. Parole Commission Manual

(b) A Federal prisoner serving a maximum term or terms of more than one year imposed pursuant to 18 U.S.C. 4205(b)(1) [or pursuant to former 18 U.S.C. 4208(a)(1)] may be released on parole in the discretion of the Commission after completion of the court-designated minimum term, which may be less than but not more than one-third of the maximum sentence imposed.