Baltimore   Crime Education Corruption = Poverty

There are many sides to a story.  The issues in Baltimore come from cyclic issues that have never been resolved. Add the slow and stagnant growth of the economy of 10 years, a perfect storm is brewing. 6 hours is what it will take to look at the issues below.

My encounters with Police we mostly traffic stops and I was speeding. Many encounters resulted in warnings. One encounter I decided to stand for my rights, learned right to remain silent. Should have and moved on.

I have reviewed the DOJ  BCPD report and it is worth the read.

The DOJ BCPD Report is worth reading. The report provides another side of a story. Not just a look at BCPD but a look at many reasons behind the crime.  DOJ | BCPD Report

Police are now being trained in areas called De-Escalation. More Information Link:

Senator Zirkin held a hearing on Crime in Baltimore. 5 hours in length the video link is provided:


Senator Zirkin did a nice job defining the OMNIBUS bill SB122

Link to the TEXT of the bill: Overall Repeat Offenders will do minimum mandatory time in prison.

No Longer will Judges be able to give light sentences to violent offenders if this passes.


The main focus should be school achievement:   80% of the City students fail the tests.

MD Schools Report Card

Not for lack of funding, then what will be the resolution.

Motivating parents, caregivers, and guardians. Do people actually want to fail?

There is no doubt basic math and reading skills are a way out of poverty.  20 % appear to make it out of the cycle


NUMBERS STATS: FBI does have data that say overall gun crime peaked in the 1990’s

Murder amounts have gone up since 1990 since the avg number is about the same but the population drop makes the rate rise.

60% clear rate means 40 suspects out of 100 never get caught.  County clears 98% or better.

People killed in encounters with: (11,000,000 arrests)

Police 900,000 sworn avg 400 homicides a year

CCW 16,000,000 avg 300 homicides a year

The numbers do not prove that police take more lives than normal over a 10 year period. The DOJ report, on the other hand, does show lack of training and constant breaking of peoples constitutional rights.

Baltimore Police have doubled the amount of training now at 80 hours. ICAT see De-Escalation link above.