The idea that Government, Police and the public are unaware of injustice by a few is not true and this bit of information should point out the powers of Government are trying and do have our best interest of the public in mind.

A positive step for Law Enforcement    1 in 5 encounters the person is mentally ill. 

WHY? Part of the DOJ BCPD report was the lack of training for de-escalation especially dealing with people who are mentally ill.

BCPD now train in ICAT.  More about the program the LINK:

Integrating Communications, Assessment, and Tactics, or ICAT, is a use-of-force Training Guide designed to fill a critical gap in training police officers in how to respond to volatile situations in which subjects are behaving erratically and often dangerously but do not possess a firearm.



Could the public use some training on DE-Escalation?  The numbers in the USA General Population – say 43 million seek treatment for mental illness every year.

Many homicides are due to disputes that get out of hand.  Look at Baltimore Homicides, not all victims or perps have a record, some kill over simple disputes.

The notion that Police are trying to kill people is not justified by the actual numbers. There is now a focus on ICAT like training in Baltimore City 80 hrs of training.

Policing the teen brain– a very interesting study with positive outcomes for the Police and the citizens.

The link to the Study 

THE ICAT training guide is available at this link.

Look at facts and the truth is apparent, methods with scientific results are being used and police agencies are being trained.  Training takes time and money.