Boron Nitride Lubricant

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Application of  HBN – Boron Nitride

As a Firearm Lubricant

Using Glock 17 9mm and SKS

“If it’s good enough for woman’s faces, surely good enough for my GUN”



Glock 17 9mm after 100 rounds. Notice how clean it is.

I came across hBN, Hexagonal Boron Nitride while testing Ski/Snowboard wax additives. I was looking for a product that would extend the range of ski waxes, especially in the area of wear resistance.  Firearm owners have long known about many lubricants; Graphite, Moly, PTFE, Teflon etc. I have used them all. I shoot competitively in USPSA/ IPSC, and drop magazines in dirt, mud, sand etc. I shoot between 5k to 10 k rounds a year.

None of us like the aspect of cleaning and we all know that liquid lubricants, no matter how applied, tend to pick up dirt and carbon. Some lubricants do not hold up well in extreme temps and  pressure. Some cook off especially in the SKS gas tube.

I have based this article on the scientific data  and the tests I performed which are discussed below.

Thanks to the NASA Space Program for the R&D development which brought us this compound.

Thanks to for the documentation and samples.




HBN is a naturally lubricious material.  BN powder can be used as an additive to any grease, polymer and existing lubricating formula.  BN powders provide oxidant resistance and superior stability.

When used as an ingredient in coatings, plastics, and composites, BN acts as a wear resistant barrier.  As contact (in the form of friction) is made with the coated surface or the composite, BN particles gradually disperse along the surfaces being exposed to the friction, creating a protective barrier for the substrate.

Specific Scientific References:

Firearm Related References:

  • Boron Nitride coating significantly reduces both copper and carbon barrel fouling. This allows up to 120+ rounds to be fired with no significant reduction in accuracy.
  • Boron Nitride does a great job of reducing friction when applied to leather bench rest front and rear sandbags.
  • From above article:

Application using 91% Isopropyl Alcohol:

I used a small amount of Alcohol as a carrier for the HBN. The alcohol will evaporate leaving the HBN as a white coating. I coated all the usual lubricating areas for my Glock 17 and my SKS, but instead of a petrol based lube I substituted the HBN/Alcohol. I applied the solution using a cotton swab. (results in the picture above)

I coated the inside of the chamber and bore. let dry about 10 minutes, then buff with a patch.

I had to switch to my Glock original barrel, but I put 200 rounds through the hBN.

The main goal was to test if hBN could replace normal lube and help keep the firearm clean and make cleaning easier.

RUST TEST:   hBN does not prevent rust. I use CLP for rust prevention short term.

Using steel – bare steel vs steel with coating of hBN no rust observed in 48 hrs

Adding water H2O rust was observed with in 8 Hours on both samples.