Boron Teflon Grease

Boron Teflon Grease

I started working with BN powder in 2005 for the purpose of extending ski wax. BN being less coefficient of friction vs Teflon.

Sprinkled on ski bases and brushed gave excellent performance.

Then using 99% rubbing alcohol and BN powder I ran my Glock in competition using only the BN powder with no ill effects. Easier to clean since most crud wiped write off the internal parts.

My AR, likes grease for certain parts. I  do not have to run wet in competition. My usual grease EP stinks. I spoke to my ski wax sponsor and they have a Boron/DuPont Teflon synthetic grease. Finishline USA .

6 months and no ill effects, again wipe off- run through 9 minutes of ultrasonic cleaning and done with cleaning. Latest was to put away over 6 months in safe, pull out go shooting 200 rounds.


My final consumer test results for this and a few other products of Finihsline USA and WhiteLightningCO.