Center Point Optics

GranTech Ballistics Lab


Adventure Class 2 x 7 –  32mm


Specifications:  Part number » CP273RG

BATTERY is  CR 1632    140 mAh

  • Designed for rifle, shotgun and muzzleloader hunting
  • Red/Green dual illuminated Mil-Dot reticle
  • True Hunter windage and elevation adjustment dials
  • Up to 5.2 inches of eye relief
  • Parallax set at 100 yds
  • 1/4 MOA click
  • Includes flip-open lens covers and rings
  • One piece tube construction
  • Nitrogen filled
  • CenterPoint’s Advantage lens coating reduces light loss and limits glare, while allowing optimum light transmission
  • Ergonomically designed grips for fast focus eyepiece and magnification
  • 100% waterproof, fog proof and shockproof
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Comes with rings and shims.

    You would not think a scope you pick up at Walmart, in a clam shell plastic display, selling for $69.00  could function as well as others costing 3 times more. My Simmons scope 1.5 x 5 x 32 was dropped and became bent. Simmons scope had a diamond reticle, and the windage and elevation were not adjustable by fingertips. the scope new cost $110.00.

    The first part of any purchase is a bit of research. CenterPoint is Crosman.

    Checks of the web had most people liking the scope or at least the brand.


    It came with weaver style rings and plastic shims. I had to use the rings that came with my SKS, but I did use the shims. Nice touch for an inexpensive scope.

    Test Sequence:

    1- Will the scope Zero, optics clear, red green illumination works

    2- Will the scope hold zero over multiple days

    3- Will the scope hold zero at 100 yds, dial in elevation change for 200yds,

    Hit target 4-inch balloons multiple 4 targets, then reset elevation back a same number of clicks as you just set forward. Should stay true at 100 yds.


    Testing over 3 separate days over a 10-day time span.

    1 & 2 -Scope held zero at 50, 100 yds over multiple days.

      Optics were clear on a sunny and cloudy day, red and green illumination worked fine.

    3- Scope Zeroed at 100 yds, 3 shot groups confirmed. the ballistic table says the bullet will drop 7 inches. With the scope 1/4 moa that will be 1/2 at 200 yds.  14 clicks up. Clicks applied 14 up. Should aim for 200 yds. 1 shot – missed 4 shots hit 4 inch balloon.

    Scope was adjusted down 14 clicks for reset to 100 yd. A 3 shot group confirmed the zero was held.

    Step 3 was repeated multiple times.

    This scope functioned fine. I like the illumination, Mil-Dot, the easy turret clicks to set the elevation and the wind. Comes with free flip-up lens covers and two batteries. The group below was 1.94 inch. The scope is mounted with a crappy mount. I did move up to a Choate drill/tap mount and the group came in at 1.5 inches.