Projects 2007 Glock Tune & Training

This project series is all GLOCK  & Training videos- Match Barrel, Match adjustable sites, and two very good training videos.

The nice thing about the Glock is the multitude of quality USA manufactures that make aftermarket parts and accessories that will make the firearm perform better.  See my projects area for information on how to improve the accuracy of the Glock. (Guide Rod, Springs, 3.5 lb connector, polish, etc.)   So how does my Glock 17 run. SWEET.  Since 2007  till Present (2014) My Glock Model 17 Gen 1 runs 100% all the time.


Storm Lake Barrel  for the  Glock 17

Information from the manufacturer

Storm Lake Barrels manufacturers quality match grade handgun barrels for 1911, Glock, SigArms, and Springfield XD model handguns. Several well known and respected handgun manufacturers in the industry have also chosen Storm Lake Barrels as their OEM barrel manufacturer. Storm Lake Barrels have been recognized for their accuracy and longevity since 1983.

All barrels are machined from solid rifle-grade 416 stainless steel bar stock and hardened to 40-42 HRC.  Storm Lake Barrels uses only cut broach rifling for all barrels, which we believe provides the most accurate barrels on the market.  Rifling features one turn per 16 inches with a left-hand twist.  Options such as porting and threading are available on all barrels manufactured.  Storm Lake Barrels is dedicated to excellence in accuracy, excellence in quality, and excellence in value.  This is our guarantee.  All Storm Lake Barrels are proudly made in the USA in our own facility by  own staff.  We do not subcontract our work. 

My Own Tests

Exif JPG 422 Exif JPG 422

Picture Shows the Storm Lake barrel and Dawson Precision sights


I have been using this barrel for two years. Both practice and in IPSC/USPSA matches. No wear is evident even after 5,000 rounds. It is a very accurate barrel and I am more than happy with its performance.  It truly was a drop in accessory, no need to file. Yet at 5,000 rounds it has gotten tighter as it has been used.  Fit and finish are superb. I did use flitz polish on the feed ramp, chamber etc. But that was my preference.  It can be had at various dealers by looking at   The Official Website of Storm Lake Barrels

Reference Material

SO what is cut broach rifling? The most accurate way to rifle.

General Broach Company – Broaching Fundamentals

 A bit about Rockwell Hardness Test

Rockwell Hardness Test

 Lilja Precision Rifle Barrels – Barrel Making Articles Index

SSINA: Stainless Steel: Tutorial

Dawson Precision Fiber Optic Sights

Glock 17

Made in the U.S.A.

Dawson Precision produces a CNC machined front and rear matching set of front and rear fiber optic sights. These sights feature a serrated front cut, tools and instructions.  Replacing the non-adjustable rear stock sights was a breeze and having the adjustment will make the gun the most accurate for you.  You will need Loctite, high strength Red for installation.  I am more accurate with these sights as compared to the stock sights. Home Page

DVD REVIEW –  Training

Should have bought these last year :o)

(You need to search around. Vids are from 2003, check amazon, ebay, etc.)

Matt Burkette V.4 Shooting Faster DVD and

Matt Burkette IPSC Strategy DVD

Shooting Faster, well when I look at my results compared to the top 3 shooters in my local production matches, I noticed something that sticks out. My times are twice as long as those shooters.  My accuracy was within norms. Hence, I thought why not get myself this DVD for fathers day.  I don’t have the time for a seminar, and training alone has not helped get my times down.  First viewing, should have bought this a year ago. Matt speaks well, explains well. There are good drills, with another shooter who is not a GM. This is good , it takes the intimidation out of the training.  

Many Drills are discussed. Hand placement, Drawing, Stance, Things like cadence. Emphasis keeping that eye on the front sight through the recoil, and calling your shot. Learning how to save time, why you shoot an array a certain way. Body mechanics, and positioning. It offers a review of DVD #1,#2,#3. Very good DVD.

IPSC Strategy, Yes Virginia there are tactics involved, and reasons why. This DVD breaks down stages in the walk through, Has Video of the Stage when run by Matt and his fellow shooters. Helmet cam gives you a birds eye view.  So why do you shoot the popper to activate the swinger target first, and go after other targets in the array?? you will learn why and more tips in this DVD.

Matt Burkette has other DVDs on Various USPSA and IPSC, Handguns, Shotguns, AR-15.  I recommend these two right off the top.