3 Gun Golf Cart

3Gun matches require 2 long guns and 30+ lbs of ammunition, add gear and  water. It is a lot for 1 person to carry and to be safe. Others use baby jogging carts, but many of us have Golf push carts around or in storage. Modification was simple. The Pull cart can handle 50 lbs. It will fit folded with ammo in the bucket on the back seat of a small car.


Always use a YELLOW Chamber Empty/GUN Empty Flag when unloaded

1) Home Depot 5 Gallon bucket

2) 4 inch PVC Drain covers for the rifle muzzle rest, the vent lets air circulate

1) 1.5 inch PVC pipe and end caps notched and bolted for the rifle stocks.

Added Hard Wood 1/2 in square and Spray foam for added torsion strength

     Will add pad  and a secured Velcro Strap to secure rifle.

10-32 Bolts, 5/16 Bolts for the muzzle holders, and fender washers for support

Krylon Fusion Plastic paint, will be used to paint over HD ad on bucket and the white PVC.

Will add a fold down box right below the crossbar and a little place to load mags.  I could add an umbrella holder :o)

A Bucket organizer may come in handy too.