7.62 x 39 Ammo Review

7.62 x 39  Any thing new or more accurate than current?

For 3 gun smooth operation is key. No hard primers, no mis fires, no stove pipes, no flyers out of 5 shots. 

Accuracy needs are be able to hit a 6 inch round plate at 200 yards.  (plenty of people can hit a 2/3rds torso at 200 yards)


Wolf 122 FMJ    http://www.wolfammo.com

Wolf 154 SP

Wolf  Military Classic 124 gr

Winchester  White Box   http://Winchester.com

Brown Bear  Barnaul Machine Plant   http://www.barnaul.co.nz

Tula  Tula Cartridge Works http://tulammousa.com/

KLIMOVSK SPECIALIZED AMMUNITION PLANT  (plain white box with text) http://eng.kspz.ru/

GOLDEN TIGER – http://www.goldentigerammo.com/   (WILL FOCUS ON THIS)

I have used Wolf  FMJ, HP, SP 122-154grain, Military Classic, Win white box, tula etc. Out to 200 yards.

– Wolf 154 gr keep having a bad primer per 30 rounds. Total Primer hit. Purchased 2007. No Lot number on box. the UPC is 4561176271.

I finally purchased Golden Tiger.   I will be training with the Tiger for 3 sessions and use tiger in a rifle match by mid September 2013.

Most Russian 7.62×39 is using a .308 bullet, The 154 wolf is a Boat tail but still .308

The Golden Tiger is a Boat Tail, and a .310 bullet.

What Barrel length are the ballistic tables using  AK – 16 inch  SKS – 20 Inch.

Most tables are for the AK. The SKS will add about 100 fps.

The only parameter I have not found was the Ballistic Coefficient for the Golden Tiger.

This number is critical in developing the ballistic custom table. Other critical number is the AVG FPS.


154 grain WOLF sp  

avg velocity 2031 16.5 in barrel   2115  20 in barrel    in this case almost 100 fps.

My SKS in a Chrono 2136 fps    tested in 2007

Factory –  2104 fps 16 inch   Golden Tiger 124 gr  2345

These articles reference the Golden Tiger.





1st day shooting the Golden Tiger.  88 degrees no wind

100 yards Bench with 7x scope










In a few matches the Golden Tiger is a stand out for functioning 100%