Freedom Munitions Ammo Test


This year out of necessity I had to find 9mm in quantity no matter what but at a decent price point. Pricing is up due to many factors, Overtime Pay is one of them.  My Enfield 303 was in need of new round since all the military surplus is gone. I also decided to check 5 brands of 7.62 x 39 since I will be making a purchase in 2 months. The test are 4 part.

Selecting :

  1. To find ammo locate the needed ammo based on price and availability

  2. Once the manufacturer is known do a background on the ammo and company

  3. Beware of reviews that are bad but from ex employees, other competitor companies or ex business partners

  4. Check on the customer service, If an issue comes along is it rectified

  5. Check on ammo recalls

A great reference for Bullets –  Very Good worth reading

FM_FreeFREEDOM MUNITIONS 9 MM 115g RN  Remanufactured

I just used the BRASS Rebate and I cut my cost to 20 cents a round for 9mm Reman. 2013

After Testing we give > (5 STAR Rating) Totally Recommended

Product Code: FM9R115R      Lot # 07FB1511

I chose Freedom by chance/luck. Was looking at pricing and found them at .34 cents a round(2012). They make New and Remanufactured ammo. I have never shot remanufacture, except for my own loads. Time to do some research. Ron Reagan always said “Trust but Verify.” I did a Google and found opinions Mostly all good, a few blew up my gun. Some were obvious trolls spreading lies. I did find one person who had a bad set of primers and customer service replaced the ammo. They don’t make primers. Did not find any recalls. I did dig deeper and found the Parent Company makes the machine that loads ammo commercially. These same machines are used by many other ammo mfgs to make new ammunition. They also own a bullet company. MADE IN USA.  Think about it the only reused part is the case. They use a machine with fiber optics to test each case and perform a pressure test.  I received my order within 8 Days via UPS From Idaho.   As for pricing, primers and powders increased in cost. Overtime cost more so would you rather have ammo or none at all. The Comparable 9mm is running 32 cents, but is not available for backorder.

Pricing with shipping deals->  now .19 cents a rd for 9mm (aug 2014)

 I Am not a Pro, Only High C Class rating, See the Bell Chart on right.USPSA_rank_diag_Ed2013

  Lena Miculek is a pro (Her whole family are PROS)

Lena Miculek radio interview at Freedom Munitions booth at NRA Show 2013

I Do not work for Freedom Munitions or any company related. This is an independent review. I Find companies by accident and sometimes you find a diamond in the rough.

Tests Performed    

Part 1-Initial Inspection Visual and Check to Spec   Passed

  • Check OAL to spec on min 10%          -Passed  OAL is critical. This can be a safety Issue.
  • Check Complete spec on 1%                -Passed
  • Check assembly, case, primer bullet    -Passed  Uses plated bullet. Powder loads are for Lead Bullet

Part 2 – Range Test – All part 2 Passed    Video of Part 2/3 15 mins  Use Chrome.

  • Single 1 shot from mag  (less Recoil at 50 FPS slower than my current standard)
  • 10 Shots Slow Fire
  • 10 Shots Rapid
  • Compare Accuracy to known MFG (Win White Box, Federal)  ( I found Freedom to be a bit more accurate)
  • 10 shots different Handgun
  • Continue Training 70 rounds
    • Slow Fire, Rapid, from holster, Double Taps

Part 3 – Range Test  – 1/2 Day Training – ALL Part 3 Passedtrain_planUspsa

  • Continue Training 160+ rounds
  • Slow Fire, Rapid, from holster, Double Taps See Drill sheet below

Part 4 – USPSA/IPSC   Passed

  • Real match 6 Stages, 116 rounds Minimum. June 23, 2013  MPSA.Net
    • Match analysis. The Freedom Munitions Ammo 9mm Reman 115g ran perfect 100% ran. No jams, squibs, hang fires, or Mag issues.   I know I shot more than the minimum 116. Maybe 130 rounds. Longest time on stage 43.53 Seconds. Video sample from the match 2.30 mins

    Came in overall 10th out of 19. I did have an ear infection and my focus was a bit off. I did well enough in the classifier for Limited-10 Division. My goal to bring that division up to ”  C ” Class.

Dirt – Here is a photo of slide and frame at 130 rounds. I use Boron Nitride as my lube, but this seemed cleaner then most. Click to enlarge.


The Stated Specs are:

Caliber Grain Type Velocity Energy
9mm Luger 115 FMJ 1150 340

USPSA Power Factor 132.25 > Min 125

Compare to:

Win White Box 1185. Power factor > 136.275

 The Freedom Munitions 9mm Reman 115g will shoot a little lighter and less recoil.

 Powder weight avg: 3.7 grains



These final tests have been deferred

Chrono Testing (Deferred ) (Note had no problem knocking down steel plates and poppers in match)

Weight Test Completed, weight powder and the bullet.