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In today’s modern world, despite the multiple advances made in the field of medicine, the hemorrhagic shock is still the second most prevalent cause of mortality in civilian trauma.

This page is not intended to replace a course. Only an overview.

Trauma aid is a bit of a step up from basic first aid.  In this case, GUNSHOT TRAUMA.

Everyone should know basic first aid, CPR.

Hemostatic Agent Training

Many older people take a blood thinner. Lowers the platelet count hence harder to clot. 

These agents help the body clot at the wound. Not for Chest.  

Simple is: Shock can kill, Blood loss will kill 

Link for training. 

Kits cost many but using military supply the cost can be kept down.

BASICS – Stop blood Flow from an artery.

Use a wide band and the upper extremity to stop the flow of artery.

This video offers a 17 min overview and a Dummy for training. From

How to treat a gunshot wound