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Unofficial HI-POINT 9mm COMP page was started by me to be an unofficial reference for the 9mm Compensated HI-Point handgun made by Beemiller Inc. Ohio USA. Distributed by MKS Supply.


Image2.jpg (7126 bytes)

HI-POINT 9mm Comp Function Test

Parts Diagram

MY Opinion: My HI-POINT 9mm comp is now 2 years old.  I have shot over 6,500 rounds without problems with accuracy, feeding, or jamming.  I have included a link to the function test I performed.  This page will help you Tune the handgun and magazines. Of course that will be at your own risk of voiding the warranty.  If you do not feel confident in performing the tasks than have a gunsmith do it.

MAJOR NOTE :** Magazines will cause jams when they get old, bent etc.. When it jams buy a new mag or learn how to adjust. July 2001

Additional Notes: I have completed 15 IPSC/USPSA matches. This is about a real as it gets.  I drop magazines in dirt, hard surface, kick, get rained on etc. This is not the same use that the average person would use the HI-Point for.  I call my use pretty severe.  The only jams I get are due to the magazine top, the piece that sits on top of the mag spring will need adjustment. I also cut off one link of magizine spring again to lower the tension. I think because of my hard use that the top become bent . 9/12/2001

More Notes added 5/23/2001......The best ammo so far is the winchester bulk 100 rd/ or 50 rd from Wal Mart. Wolf, any ammo that is hollow point or flat tip may have a problem feeding. I use Speer Gold Dot 124g HP +P for defence.

I have shot an IPSC match last week with 90% of the top shooters accuracy. Not bad considering they use higher priced handguns. Still accurate and the rifling is still good based on copper jackets recovered. I plan on shooting 3 more matches this year.

Stopping Jams/misfeeds

1. Not all ammo works the same.  I only had problems with the WOLF brand of 9mm 115gr.  Most likely due to the coating they use on the rounds. 10 other brands worked fine.  I use the Winchester 9mm 115g fmj for target, Speer GoldDot +P 124g JHP for personal protection. IF the slide appears to move slower than usual most likely the round did not have enough powder.

2.  Magazines may have the spring too tight. See Magazine Tuning

3.  Magazines are dirty. Remember in a semi-auto some of the gases ditrty up the magazine.  Learn how to take apart and clean with silicone spray.

4. Ramp feed has roughness.  You can polish with a dremel tool for a real smooth finish.  See handgun tuning.

5. Handgun is dirty or too much oil/lube.  Malfunctions will occur if you don not clean your handgun.  Too much oil/lube will do more to screw things up. If you can see the oil then you used too much.  Try a drop of oil on a Q-tip. That is about all the lube you will need.

Handgun Tuning

1. Well are you able to follow directions?  Have no problem assembling 30 parts.   Like working with your hands?  Well you are in the minority.  Lots of people try to take this handgun apart and it ends up back at the dealer / factory.   SO if you are not sure or confident that you can do this DON'T.

2. To Disassemble: Make sure handgun is unloaded. Make sure you have a parts diagram.   This will come with the handgun. Write/Call HI-POINT if you do not have the diagram.  You will need to purchase a 1/8 inch roll  pin punch.  About 5$. Push the slide all the way back and engage safety to second holdback notch. Through the first safety notch you will see a hole with the 1/8 inch roll pin. Use the pin punch to remove. I use a wooden crab mallet.  You do not have to use a lot of force to remove the pin. Pull the back part of slide up then forward to remove the slide. 

3. Remove all parts. clean all parts.  Check for roughness. Use nylon stockings to catch the burrs.  Use a diamond stone/ Dremel tool to smooth pieces.

4. Ramp Feed. Check for roughness.  Should be smooth as glass.  Use dremel tool / polish.  No BURRS

5.Too much pressure greese in firing pin hole.  Yup I found this out the hard way. use only light gun oil. Just a Q-tip worth. Pressure greese use a little bit on the slide pin.

Magazine Tuning

1.  Always clean your mags!!!!. Keep them clean and use silicone and buff off.

2. New mags will cause the round to nosedive due to spring tension.  I remove the bottom of the mag, remove spring and cut/clip off a spring link. This will help with the spring tension.

Check the piece on top of the mag spring for bending.

Over time and depending on use of flat tip ammo I found rounds that would become 90 degrees to the top of the magazine. By checking the width of the mag tang towards the feed ramp you may need to pinch in the case a little. It worked for me.


3. Use a plastic tumbler and some handi wipes with Silicone and tumble your rounds then dry on paper towel.  Back into the box.


SIGHTS - Changing color to Gloss White

My sights are adjustable rear for elevation & wind. Both the front and rear have red dots.  I cleaned the red dots then painted them with a tooth pick, let dry then repaint again.  The white dots help me find the sites quicker.  Very similar to the white GLOCK sights.

UPDATE: I changed the color of my front sight to high fluro orange.  I can focus quicker.




Latest 6/7/00  Last weekend I practiced and shot about 200 rounds. Towards the last 20 rounds the slide seemed to move slow.  I did have one stovepipe (failure to eject) I think that is when the firing pin came forward and then bent slightly.  I was able to bend back But...Best to get new pin.  Also keep in mind the pin really has 5000 uses 2x the number of rounds.

I called MKS Supply told them that I shoot the 9mm comp a lot. They  mailed me extra firing pins and springs free of charge...Nice people to deal with. That is what I call service.

Well still had the Keyhole after new firing pin & spring.

Research & result below

This Month's  reading pleasure  How do bullets fly?   All about stability, Dynamic, Static, Yaw.

I used the article to understand why a few rounds of 9mm were keyholed.   There are four possibilitys:  No rifling left, Bullet Diameter out of spec, Case/Bul OAL out of spec, Not enough powder charge to get spec volocity.

My problem caused Keyhole 1 out of 5, also caused phase 3 malfunction.   IE. Round feed in chamber but the expended case does not get ejected.  Not good if you are in a real gun fight It takes a long time to clear.  A phase 3 malfunction I suspect caused a jam so bad that the firing pin was bent.

keyhole.jpg (76017 bytes) Keyhole circled

Testing last night using winchester 9mm FMJ 115g Walmart Special. 50 rounds no keyholes.  I suspect bad batch of Lake City (hungary) 9mm.  This was confirmed by weighing each round 1 in 5 were under powdered. Sent a fax to Beemiller, Hi-Point and requested more springs, firing pin etc.  I wanted to have extra for my IPSC/USPSA matches.

KEYHOLE was related to the AMMO used Not the firearm.


All guns jam once and a while.  Since I tend to misfeed or jam once in a match I have been learning how to clear the chamber and get right back shooting.   So far two types of jam.

JAM ONE - Bullet misfeed. Only one round but didn't seat    in chamber.

   Tap Mag up.  Pull back slide to eject misfeed round. let slide     go, will rechamber new round

JAM TWO- Case still in chamber ( Not ejected) new round misfeed.  This is the most time consuming jam.

Execute clearing  while pulling back the slide flick/twist the hangun to the right (the barrel is still facing forward) This will usually get rid of the spent case and the round that is jammed at the same time.  It is a faster technique than dropping the magazine.

Then if still jammed drop the magazine and allow the case and misfeed round to come out the magazine well.  Reload.

Special Thanks to Mr. Paul Mason for tips in tuning especially in the Magazine department.  Too many other articles and people to mention.

Big thanks to the FOLKS at BEEMILLER, MKS SUPPLY & Hi-Point.  Thanks for the firing pins and springs. Not to mention all the extras.....Great Service.




HI-Point 9mm Comp Compensator removed for limited Cost $140

4 – 10 round mags $60

1 – Miltec Holster $20

1 Belt Leather $10

1-Magazine Holders 2 – self made $5

1- Gun Bag - Already had $10

Total For Gear $245.00


Winchester 9mm US GOVT White box $7

 My Reloads

Bullets used 115g FMJ Win Bulk

CASE Once fired Win Brass



LOAD POWDER     BUL          OAL          EST VOL

MAX is 6.9 115fmj min 1.420 max 1.6- 1322

My load

Vv3n37 6.5 115fmj                  1.6                 1250

SAFETY FIRST - when you are dead you don't get a second chance

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ęCopyright 1998 - 2001 William E.  Fowler III                              Owings Mills, Maryland
Last updated on 9/17/2001 by Ed Fowler


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