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Water Damage = Rot, Termites and mold. When this carport was converted to a family room a row ldrootcausetermiteof block should have been used. At least flashing. The rain rotted the sheathing and sill. Sill upgraded to 1/2 inch 5 in anchors to slab. Additional Metal hurricane straps added. Every other stud and each column fastened by metal strapping to beam.  The upgrades would be removal of concrete step the prior person left along with the doorway. We added R13 to the walls upgrading from R11.


Inside yuk, missing sill etc. Almost a full doorway of space to the outside. Not good for energy bills, or your health. My solution. Jack up replace sill with treated wood, but add .25 mill Protecto Wrap between sill and slab concrete. Day 2 shows sill going in and demoed walls.

Termite damage was limited to 3 (4×4) columns replaced with treated lumbar. Few studs and headers were replaced. In all 14 2×4 by 8 was used.











Outside view: 3 combo view. Cut the sheathing a foot up. Used ring shank and rubber washer triple galvanized nails and HD construction Adhesive.


Shows sheathing installed, gap foamed, and the protecto .25 mil up the side. Another sheet of protecto will be added from slab up the wall. Then the metal flashing over the protecto, then the tyvek home wrap. Root cause of  “no flashing” was solved with 3 layer system and treated lumber for sill.


The siding was to be reinstalled on the first 2 feet. Upon review the nails were found not to be in spec (nail head size) and not enough nails per row. Some rows were not locked in. Outside siding found to be installed with too small nail head. will pull siding, tyvek and install siding with correct nail. 1.25 long .8 dia 3/8 head galvanized roofing.

The “J” channel was t0o small and did not hold the siding well. Water was getting into the sheathing at the at the connection highlighted in the picture. Tyvek home wrap works as a air and water barrier. Siding is at least 20 years old, but not in bad shape. Just installed wrong.


ldfurringCeiling is peeling texture coat. Root cause.The nails used to apply drywall were spaced too far apart. 24 inches (truss width) Should have been 7 inches furred out perpendicular and used screws.


The furring 1 x 3 were added perpendicular to the truss. 16 in OC. Additional screws were set into existing drywall for added support.

Good news, insulation is at 7 inches blown in. R22. Added 1/2 inch (R-MAX) R3.3 product between furring.  1×3 must use screws. Rent a drywall lift for ceiling drywall. easy and efficient.

I stagger and apply horizontal I used screws and HD construction adhesive

This is showing to date 85 hours of work.lisadday8

The Drywall is in and taping / compound is in progress. Oak veneer rendering of beam.