Download the AUTO CHECK LIST, get ready for winter driving

Batteries – replace at 5 years, Wipers every 6 months, tires every 3 to 4 years.

Air Filter element – 12 k miles

Tire air usually goes down with air temps check them every month.



  1. use to find cheaper prices on the route. Do not go more than 1 mile out of your way.
  2. Share the ride with others.
  3. Remove excess junk, weight from the vehicle. Check Tire Air pressure.
  4. Clean vehicle of snow ice completely (weight and aerodynamics)
  5. Clean the throttle Body intake and butterfly every 3 months.
  6. Oil Changes consider Synthetic Blend
  7. New Spark plugs every 50 – 75k

ZARDOG’s tips


 (Not just you being able to see, but for others to see you)

  • Drive with headlights on even during the day.  This will increase your visibility to other drivers.
  • Windows Clear,  no periscopes.
  • Lights cleaned off
  • Inside and outside windows clean
  • Wiper Blades (they do not last forever)
  • Washer Fluid ???

Use Newspaper as a window cleaning rag. It works.

Don’t let your doors and trunk get stuck:

Use a rag with silicone spray on it to wipe all rubber gaskets on doors and trunk. It will never ice over again. Spray the silicone into the locks and lock mechanism.

HEADLIGHT BULBS– there is a difference

Next time you need to replace your headlight bulb. Move up to the brighter ones, they also increase side illumination. Which is great out in the country at night.


Buff by hand with newspaper and rubbing compound. there are commercial products that will do the same.

 Good to know so you can check your speed. Do not drive in an unsafe manner. 

RADAR TRAPS    RADAR TRAPS    Speed Trap . org

My Favorite Spots:)

TANEYTOWN rt 140 Local sets up radar north of town

RT 16 – & Ski Liberty road

Local set up radar on the route and in the driveway on right across from Ski Liberty parking lot 25 MPH

Route 140 – Finksburg to Westminster  State Police are heavy on this route

Coming into Finksburg – Right side of road top of hill after crossing bridge into Carroll County

Route 26 Eldersburg – sits across from Arbys.

Route 795 – Southbound after McDonough road

Also at the end of metro subway. 795

I-83 North PA Exit 4 right hand side  Shrewsbury exit and Glen Rock

I-83 North PA near exit 10 when speed limit changes from 65 to 55.

In general before, during, and after towns.

POLICE are always out during good weather!