Ski Patrol


If you find the commitment is too much you might want to consider mountain safety. They guide guests, help with poles and lost skis on the hill, Photo and document injuries to help free up Ski patrol. 


Ski patrol

John and Al  link to find out more.

If you have been skiing or boarding you have seen them in the red jacket and white cross, hopefully not needing their services. Sunday at Roundtop I shadowed John the Senior patroller and Al, a prospect candidate. Roundtop needs 9 patrollers to cover 100 acres.

The time was spent doing a ski off. A set of specific drills/tasks on black and blue trails.

The task: evaluation of short, medium and long radius turns. Snow plow in moguls and side slipping. Try the snow pl0w and slipping. Very hard to go slow. I bet most of you can do this but how many correctly? I have skied 20 years and John could find areas to correct in my form.  Big thanks to John it was like having a private lesson.   It was a real workout, now imagine a  sled with and injured person behind in moguls at super steep. they have to train hard.  A candidate needs to be at a level 4 for the test on skills – the ones above.

Here is where they lose you. The time commitment.

The job only lasts 4 months, sorry more like 9 months they train most of the year. 

A Candidate will be expected to be on snow almost every day during the season.

Training –  Specific areas 

John demonstrates the side slip

Outdoor Emergency Care Program OEC  |  Outdoor Emergency Transportation Program OET |  The NSP Instructor Development Program  | Avalanche Program | Mountain Travel and Rescue Program  MTR | Nordic Program | Certified Program | Senior Program

Next Training both hands on and On-line: Requirements are OEC, OET, and Avalanche Program.

That is it 9 months 100 days on snow and three courses.  Add funds for materials, membership, lodging and more.

skis or snowboard every two years.  Oh, it’s Volunteer work mostly a few paid positions available.

A candidate is expected to make Senior Patroller by the end of year three.

Still with me then you might be the person they are looking for.