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Disclaimer- Warning: before any physical exercise you should check with a health professional. Get your Physical, EKG, Blood Work, Cholesterol, Chest x-ray, and go over family history.  I am not a health professional, nor fitness expert, just an average joe

Let’s talk reality.  The stats cannot be faked. The chances of death rise at 50. Then heart attack chance goes up 6% plus depending on many things.

What can you do?
– Before 50 get baselines.
Talk to relatives and get a good history of issues.
Know your Total Cholesterol, HDL, LDL
      Blood Pressure  (57 million do not know their blood pressure)
      Height, Weight, Waist measurement
      Fasting  Sugar, A1C      Vitamin D  all part of metabolic testing.

Heart Attack Risk Life Simple 7  Assessment Test – 

You can increase your range of motion by as much as 20-30 percent at any age.

*Increased range of movement *Reduced risk of injury *Reduced muscle soreness after exercise.

 Goal of exercise is longer healthy life. Or 14 years starting at retirement (SSA payout of principle/interest)

Sports Pros spend a lot of time on many forms of exercise. From Stretching, Yoga, Balance, Core, and Aerobics.   An Average pro spends 250 + days training. (Same as us at a regular job)    Ted Ligety has some good workouts

 A video series for GS Racing exercise plan  part1 part2

Check your nutrition this site is great. http://nutritiondata.self.com


Yoga Basics  It is great to learn balance, stretch your body, and create energy


stretching.name (skiing)

stretching.name (snowboard)

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