How to help avoid ACL Injuries:

Avoid High Risk Behavior:

  1. Don’t fully straighten your legs when you fall. Keep your knees flexed.
  2. Don’t try and get up until you have stopped sliding. When you are down, stay down.
  3. Don’t land on your hand. Keep your arms up and forward.
  4. Don’t jump unless you know where and how to land. Land on both skis and keep your knees flexed.

Routinely Use Correct Skiing Technique:

  1. Keep arms forward.
  2. Keep hips above knees.
  3. Maintain balance.

Recognize Potentially Dangerous Situations:

  1. Uphill arm back.
  2. Off balance to the rear.
  3. Hips below the knees.
  4. Uphill ski un-weighted.
  5. Weight oninside edge of downhill ski tail.
  6. Upper body generally facing downhill ski.

Respond Quickly and Effectively:

  1. Arms forward.
  2. Skis together.
  3. Hands over skis.

This information is taken from “Tips for Knee Friendly Skiing” Vermont Safety Research, 1996.