Echo Cardiogram Reading 101

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Echo Cardiogram -An Example how to read in layman terms

My latest scan showed improvement in my heart. Proper diet, exercise and medication works. (2 years after the scan below)

ALWAYS receive  a personal copy of reports.  Only way to learn. Look up what words mean. This can help especially with communicating with your cardiologist I am not a DOCTOR. Ask your Doctor.!

Echo_reference_card_2011.pdf    cardiocard1

I notice is a line that says abnormal.  Oh no… Well, not really. After digging for 3 hours, comes out to Normal for a person who is 50. Mild, Can be reversed or at least stop the progression with Medication, Diet and Exercise. Lipid Control, Glucose Control.

On with the example – M Mode Measure Mode? The Doppler measures velocity and flow direction.

Then the narratives begin. 








The breakdown into layman’s terms.  

WHAT is the rating criteria or scale of severity?   NORMAL   —  MILD — MODERATE  — SEVERE

In this example, there are mentions of MILD and NORMAL.

RV-Right Ventricle Normal.

“Sclerosis” of the aortic valve is commonly encountered on an echocardiogram in patients over age 50.  Treatment of hypertension and abnormal lipids likely delays development of aortic stenosis

Sclerosed is scaled- Sclerosis then — Mild —- Moderate —– Severe

EF% What’s normal? I am 55-60% NORMAL
— A normal heart’s ejection fraction may be between 55 and 70.

mitral valve regurgitation MILD

If you have mild to moderate mitral valve regurgitation (MR) and do not have symptoms, you likely do not have to limit your physical activity.

tricuspid regurgitation – MILD

Usually, mild tricuspid regurgitation requires little or no treatment. 

reversal of E:A Waves – in which the A wave is greater than the E wave. This indicates slow filling caused by older age, hypertension, left ventricular hypertrophy


Mild- some to be expected with age 52 and previous smoking. 15 Years. Bad diet, too much sugar and maybe a year worth of High BP.

Can stop the process by medication, diet, exercise. Maybe reverse.


Redo stress test in 3-6 months …..Echocardiogram – 1 yr.,

Continue Diet, Exercise, Medication

Lipid Control

LDL <70

HDL >40

Triglycerides <150

Maintain Control tight for Diabetes Use more Bolus Meal shots to control via Rule of 1600/1800

Medication Mitigation:

Beta Blocker




Losartan Potassium BP